Free pattern of ANGRY BIRDS inspired baby blanket part 3

When we start a blanket or another project always want to see the finished product of our imagination.

I think most of the crocheters have the same feeling as mine. So in this third part of our blanket I will show you how to join and finish the blanket by the easiest way.

Take some yarn and hook and lest start 🙂

This is the third part  of our little baby blanket inspired by angry birds movie.

I hope all of you had the chance to see my earlier post and hope you like and enjoy crocheting with me.

Lets start joining our blanket and make the border to finish it.

If you still haven’t seen my earlier post you can check them  here part 1 and  part 2.

For joining I prefer slip stitch in back loop method .

It is flat join that is not invisible but barely visible and if you make a colorful blanket, afghan I think it is good to keep the joining simple.

Turn the squares with the RS facing each other and insert the hook in the back loops of the both squares sts, pull a loop and continue with making single crochet stitch in the back loop of the sts to join the squares .

First join rows and then just join the columns or first join the columns and then join the rows .

Border :

Rd 1 : Insert the hook in one random st and pull a loop , ch 2 , dc in next st , make dc in each st around , join with in 2nd ch of beg ch-2 .

Corner — > Make ( 2 dc, ch 2 , 2 dc in the ch-3 sp ) .

Rd 2 : Ch 4 , skip 1 st , 1 dc in next st , * ch 1 , skip 1 st , 1 dc in next st * repeat all around , in the end ch 1 , join with in 3rd ch of beg ch-4 .

Corner– > In the corner make ( 1 dc , ch 3, 1 dc all in corner ch-1 sp )  .

Rd 3 : Ch 4 , 1 dc in first ch-1 sp , * ch 1 , skip 1 st , 1 dc in next ch-1 sp * rep all around , at the end ch 1 , join with in 3rd ch of beg ch-4 .

Corner — > Make ( 1 dc , ch 3 , 1 dc in corner ch-3 sp )

Rd 4 :  * Skip 1 ch-1 sp , make 7dc in next ch-1 sp , skip 1 ch-1 sp , in next ch-1 sp * repeat all around .

Depending on where you have startd your border from there are two ways to make the corners.

1st way — > You will make 7dc in corner ch-3 sp .

2nd way of the corner — > You will make in the corner ch-3 sp and you will have ( 7dc st ) on the left and right side of the corner .

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!!!Have a great week and don’t forget to enjoy your life!!!

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