Forest friends baby blanket

Posted: May 18, 2019 by Passionatecrafter

free crochet pattern of forest animal appliques

Forest friends baby blanket decorated with 8 animal appliques Forest friend theme blanket is 3rd blanket of our applique collection blankets. We realized that it is very funny and educational to have themed blankets and appliques. In these series you will find different themed blanket as this one.The previous 2 blankets are Undersea sweetness and jungle friends. You definitely have to check them too. Find them here :         You can find the full PDF pattern with all 8 appliques HERE : and the 8 appliques without the blanket pattern HERE :   In this post you…

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Fish puzzle baby blanket

Posted: May 2, 2019

The story of fish puzzle baby blanket: This stunning little blanket is just so cute. A blanket full of colorful fishes to snuggle up your little one. This blanket is made of various colors granny squares and granny square are shaped like fishes. It would be very nice and interesting for your baby. It is interesting blanket that your baby can even play with. The blanket could be made in different colors and sizes. It is one of my first designs which I made a years ago back in 2015. And it is time to share it with you. If…

monkey,tiger,zebra,giraffe,lion,elephant,crochet appliques

Appliques- Jungle friends set baby blanket

Posted: April 29, 2019

The story of Jungle friends appliques baby blanket: As you can see from my patterns I really love making animal themed baby stuffs… The first set of the appliques was undersea sweetness and after I saw your love to them  and the feedback I decide to continue making more and more applique sets.               The Jungle set was ready a year ago but there was no time to introduce them to you… After I made a decision on being  blogger rather than a seller I am really happy to share this cute Jungle friends…

Minions cartoon inspired baby blanket

Posted: April 27, 2019

MINIONS’ STORY Minions inspired baby blanket is my first design which I made a years ago. It is the first project which my twin sister made alone when she started crocheting too.It was really stressful days when she start crocheting 😀 I was always on the phone because she all the time had some questions about the pattern and how to crochet some part of it.You can understand me what i am trying to say. We live apart from each other and to taught someone to crochet on the phone with pattern in hand is a big challenge ( funny…

under sea animals appliques

Appliques crochet baby blanket- Undersea sweetness

Posted: April 23, 2019

The story : Are you looking for an easy but stunning blanket, then “Undersea sweetness “ baby blanket with appliques pattern is the perfect one. I started my design journey with my 1st blanket design- It was a minion inspired baby blanket which was very popular at the 2015. It is my passion to design blankets of all range although I am concentrated on making baby blanket. I found them funnier to make. I love making granny square and then turn them into animals/flowers/animation characters square which allows me to design 1 square and then just crochet it all around…

crochet triangle granny cluster scarf

Shawl- Red Candy Granny Cluster triangle shawl

Posted: April 21, 2019

The YARN The new cakes are really easy to work with and with gorgeous color combinations.The self-stripe yarns made the hard part of choosing colors for most of the projects and designs. In this triangle shawl we choose to work with Stenli yarn. They send us some cakes a while ago and here is the first design. We used Tiramisu yarn which is 60% cotton, 30% merino, 10% acrylic yarn. It comes in 450 g ball / 900 m. I think the combination of cotton,merino and acrylic makes this shawl perfect for all the seasons. You can wear it in…

” Marshmallow ” velvet baby boots

Posted: April 17, 2019

             “Marshmallow ” velvet baby boots will open a new world of crochet slippers and booties for you. These boots are soft and squishy and perfect for your child/friend or loved one. In this design we used leather-EVA- felt 3 layered boots sole, which probably is new to you but very well known in Europe countries. You can make each design onto the sole without need to crochet one. They are more durable and water resistant. You can find the soles in our Etsy shop here. We prepared a PDF pattern with lots of photos…

crochet turtoise applique

Applique – the turtoise

Posted: January 12, 2019

Crochet Turtoise applique Story: We made this appliques while ago, may be 1 year ago. We crocheted whale, turtoise, mermaid, jellyfish, fish, crab, seahorse and much much more fun to make appliques. We designed a blanket too. The biggest problem for us is making high quality photos because we don’t have a space in our house for this and always was afraid to post patterns with bad quality. But after 1 year we just decide that it is better to share our work with you and you have the choice to decide is it worth to crochet them or not….

Merry the flamingo

Posted: January 4, 2019

Merry the flamingo Story In December 2018 we designed 8 animal amigurumi toys for a yarn company which will be available as kits soon. From all the animals this cute Merry the flamingo is most loved one(by us) I think and hope you will love it as much as we do. It was pressured time designing them(we had only 10 days deadline) but we enjoyed every part of this new journey…… We named it Merry because as known December is the month full with Christmas spirit and we will not forget the feelings and memories… Yarn For this cute Merry…

Warlock triangle shawl

Posted: November 13, 2018

Warlock triangle shawl These days I am obsessed with shawls.I searched for so many patterns with different shapes as side to side, bottom up, top down, triangle shawls.And in the and I decide as a first try to start with super simple but very beautiful triangle shawl pattern.With this triangle shawl pattern I learned tips and tricks which will help me to improve my skills and crochet a bit more complicated ones.Warlock shawl is long 80 cm and wide 150 cm without tassels. The Yarn : For this triangle shawl pattern I used Lion brand Mandala yarn in color Warlock….