Christmas advent calendar CAL with 24 free Christmas crochet patterns

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Are you ready to dive into the magical world of crochet this holiday season and to bust your yarn stash? Prepare to be amazed by our Christmas Advent Calendar CAL (Crochet Along) with 24 free yarn busting crochet patterns for Christmas!

This CAL is an incredible opportunity to learn new techniques, create unique handmade gifts use your leftover yarns and connect with fellow crochet enthusiasts while getting into the Christmas spirit. If you’re new to this craft, don’t worry; our collection includes beginner patterns to help you start your crochet journey.

What is a CAL?

A Crochet Along (CAL) is a fantastic chance for crocheters of all skill levels to work together on a common project, learning new techniques or crochet stitches. Participating in a CAL comes with many benefits. You can ask questions, showcase your work, and get peer support as you improve your skills.

Moreover, joining a CAL (Crochet Along) is a wonderful way to foster a sense of community. In our CAL Facebook Group, you can easily connect with other participants. This platform is perfect for sharing your experiences giving and receiving support.

So, why not join us on this exciting crochet journey? Not only will you learn new crochet skills, but you’ll also create beautiful crochet Christmas gifts that your loved ones will surely appreciate.

24 free Christmas crochet patterns CAL

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What is a Christmas advent calendar?

The Christmas advent calendar is like a big box of joy filled with 24 smaller boxes. Each of these boxes is a treasure chest, holding a surprise you discover every day from the 1st to the 24th of December. It’s like having a mini-Christmas every day leading up to the big day.

So, one magical night, I was struck with an idea – why not fuse this beloved tradition with the world of crochet? Why not create an advent calendar that is filled not just with surprises but with crochet Christmas patterns? This way, we can all cherish the long wait, one stitch at a time.

And more importantly, it gives us the chance to crochet Christmas gifts for ourselves or our loved ones.

The result?

An advent calendar that’s not just a countdown to Christmas but a countdown filled with creativity, craftsmanship, and the cozy warmth of crochet. Each day, as you discover a new pattern, you’re not just receiving a gift – you’re receiving an opportunity to create, learn, and make something truly special. It’s a celebration of Christmas, crochet, and the joy of giving – to ourselves and others.

What to expect from this CAL?

This CAL will introduce 24 free crochet patterns, a new one released daily from December 1st to December 24th. Each day, you’ll receive a new pattern, allowing you to create various delightful crochet projects perfect for last-minute Christmas gifts. The patterns are designed to be quick and easy to make, suitable for both beginners and intermediate crocheters.

This CAL encompasses various crochet projects, from small items like coasters or bookmarks to larger ones such as kitchen towels or crochet slippers. But still, all the patterns can be done in hours or a day!

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crochet advent calendar for Christmas

Supplies and materials needed

In this CAL, you’ll use various crochet hooks and yarns to create beautiful Christmas crochet patterns. Before you begin, ensure all your basic crochet supplies are ready, which includes crochet hooks, yarns, and stitch markers.

Selecting a Crochet Hook

The crochet hook sizes needed for the projects are 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm.

Choosing yarn

The most important thing for the CAL is that we will use primarily a small amount of yarn, which makes it perfect to use the leftovers from your stash. Below, you will find some yarn suggestions to prepare before the CAL starts on the 1st of December.

Cotton worsted yarn weight – We will need cotton yarn weight to crochet potholders, kitchen towels, hot pads, dishcloths, mug cozy, cup cozy, coasters, and the standing tree decor. I used Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/8 in different colors and Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton.

Acrylic worsted yarn weight or mix of acrylic and wool in worsted yarn weight

Acrylic DK yarn weight

Here is a sneak peek of the first pattern that will be released on 1st of December.

Crochet easy hexagon stocking for Christmas

Basic Crochet Stitches involved

Regardless of your experience level, refreshing your knowledge of the basic crochet stitches in your projects can be beneficial. In this CAL, you’ll encounter a variety of stitches and some crochet techniques.

Crochet stitches

  • Single crochet stitches

  • Double crochet stitch

  • Front post double crochet stitch

  • Back post double crochet stitches

  • Foundation double crochet

  • double crochet2tog stitches

  • Puff stitches

  • Half double crochet

  • slip stitches

Crochet techniques you will practice

  • Crocheting with beads- The Standing Crochet Christmas Tree crochet pattern uses it to create stunning holiday themes.

  • Working with two colors and carrying yarn along the project

  • How to increase and decrease

  • How to change color at the end of the row or at the middle of the row.

Most of the crochet patterns are easy and quick to make, but some are more challenging. For example, the free pattern for the hot pad uses a puff stitch, which is not a beginner one. For this crochet project, I included a video tutorial.

As my sister said, if we crochet only a single crochet stitch, we will stay at the same level. So, I included some intricate patterns to help us learn new skills when enjoying the handmade gift we are making for ourselves or loved ones.

In conclusion

Our Christmas Advent Calendar CAL with 24 free Christmas crochet patterns is an incredible opportunity to learn new techniques, create unique handmade gifts, and connect with fellow crochet enthusiasts. With a wide array of crochet patterns and projects, from ornaments to stockings and potholders, there’s something for everyone in this CAL.

So, gather your basic crochet supplies, choose the right crochet hook and yarn, and join us on this exciting crochet journey. With each new pattern and project, you’ll upgrade your crochet skills and spread the Christmas spirit through your beautiful handmade creations.

DAY 1 – Crochet Hexagon Stocking for Christmas

photo credit:

Made just from one hexagon, this Christmas stocking pattern is perfect for beginners who would like to crochet their first stocking this season.

The pattern uses the granny stitch made of 3 double crochet clusters. The shape is a hexagon, which then is turned into a stocking, and at the end, we add the brim. As in the picture, you can turn it into a snowman stocking as well, with a few color changes and adding buttons here and there.

Day 2Christmas tree potholder- free crochet pattern

photo credit:

Bring the Christmas spirit into your kitchen with these Christmas tree potholders. They are double layered, making them heat resistant, and yet stylish.

Change the colors to meet your personal style and your kitchen decor.

Day 3- Fun and festive crochet ornaments

photo credit:

Decorating the Christmas tree is a cherished family tradition that brings joy and strengthens bonds. If you love this festive activity, these exquisite baubles will add the perfect final touch to your tree, creating lasting holiday memories for your family.

Ideal for beginners, this pattern offers simplicity and ease. The beauty lies in its versatility — you can use leftover yarns, play with colors, and crochet ornaments that align with your unique style and decor.

DAY 4 Crochet dish / kitchen towel free pattern

crochet christmas tree kitchen towel free pattern

photo credit:

Cheer up your kitchen with the Christmas spirit! This dish towel made in green and white colors is the perfect addition to your kitchen this holiday season.

The Christmas tree in the middle makes it easy to follow a pattern that uses simple color changes to achieve the look. With the video tutorial and the photo tutorial, it is suitable for beginners as well.

Day 5 – No sew crochet bear free pattern

Crochet no sew bear for beginners

photo credit:

This pattern is perfect for those who are new to crochet and don’t want to bother with sewing pieces together. With this pattern, you’ll be able to create an adorable bear in no time.

The pattern is easy to follow, with clear instructions and helpful pictures to guide you along the way.

Day 6- Crochet Santa Claus mug cozy

crochet Christmas cup and mug cozies with santa embellishment

photo credit:

1 Pattern, FOUR different projects without needing anything special.

I am so excited about this pattern because it eliminates the need for complicated calculations.

Plus, the possibilities are endless – whether you prefer a mug cozy, cup cozy, Christmas tree ornament, or decorative Christmas garland, this pattern has got you covered.

DAY 7- DIY Christmas ornaments- free crochet pattern

photo credit:

Easy crochet Christmas tree ornament. DIY yourself handmade Christmas tree bubbles this season. They are stash busters and perfect to use leftover yarns. Video tutorial included as well as written instructions and photo tutorial.

DAY 8- Crochet flower coasters free pattern

crochet flower coaster free pattern

photo credit:

Are you looking for some quick last-minute gift ideas?

Crochet coasters make fantastic holiday gift ideas – they are practical, festive, and easy to personalize. You could create a set of coasters in traditional Christmas colors like red and green, or choose shades that match the recipient’s home decor.

More free crochet Christmas patterns

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    1. The cotton yarn is for pot holder, kitchen towel, coaster, cup cozy and mug cozy patterns. So it is better to purchase cotton yarn. But in a few days I will let you know how much yarn and which colors are used for the patterns. If you wish wait till I update the post with the information and let you know! This way you will not purchase more cotton yarn then needed if you decide to make them!

  1. I tried subscribing for the Advent Calendar , with 2 different emails, but they were both considered invalid. They’ve been mine over 10 years so I know they are valid! 🙂 Not sure what to try next other than comment here. Thanks!

    1. All of them are small projects, like Christmas ornaments, pot holder, bookmarkers. Only 3 patterns are a bit bigger- Christmas stocking, kitchen towel and a hat. But even the patterns are a bit bigger, they are easy to follow and quick to make. Hope this answer will help!

  2. I’m so excited for a crochet Christmas calendar!! Plus I love all your free Christmas projects!! Thank you so much!!
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