Corner to corner ( c2c ) alphabet blanket CAL

Corner to corner ( c2c ) alphabet blanket CAL


When we use corner to corner we work in diagonal rows. Usually we start from bottom right corner and work through up left corner . When you start your work and make your first 2 rows put a stitch marker on your Right side – RS so when you work you won’t make mistake which row you are crocheting.

If you don’t put a stitch a marker to indicate which side is the Right side facing you you can make a mistake and start your row from up instead of down bottom part . For example if you are crocheting row 6 you can see in the picture bellow with the graph that you must start from  right side crocheting downward not from bottom left side crocheting upward.

There are two ways of instruction for the c2c – corner to corner crochet technique .

1st way –  Graphic instruction with graphical picture chart . If you use that way you will count the box of the graph and change the color depending on the colors in your graph.

2nd way – written instruction – here the instructions are written. Colors of the blocks are written as how many block you should make with different colors . For example Row 5: 2B , 2, 1B – here it means that you should make 2 blocks with brown color yarn, then switch to white and make 2 blocks, switch to brown color and make 1 block .

If you prefer to use 1st method with printed chart it will be very easier for you if you strikethrough your finished rows as it is shown in the graph picture bellow so you will keep track of your rows. Just remember which side is your front side that is right side facing you as when we make the eyes of the fruits and vegetables it won’t be reversible . At the beginning when I made the first two squares I made mistakes few times when I used that method. But I guess that if I had the written instructions it would have been easier to make the squares as you don’t need to count because somebody have already made that for you J .

See How to change colors and how to make the  letters, eyes and mouth here.

How to change color in corner to corner crochet technique.

When you use corner to corner crochet for your project you will see that the items made with it are reversible. To keep them reversible we must change colors using change color technique.  If you wish you can carry the yarn as you crochet but then the blanket will not be reversible any longer.

Change color-

  1. When you make your last double crochet stitch before you in tch do not complete last yo of dc
  2. Instead yo with new color, pull through the loops.
  3. st in tch, ch 3
  4. Complete as usual

Sometimes you will need to finish one row with color A, and then immediately start the next with color B , when you work in your increase colors you must change colors before the last yo of your last dc as was shown in the pictures above.

When you need that color change you should make it as shown in the picture bellow :


In this project i am making 28 different corner to corner squares that we will join after we finish them . It is the best way as the project is really big and when we work with small squares it is easier because each square is made using 3-4 different colors of yarn which is more easy to work with otherwise the yarn can tangle and it is very annoying.

When we complete our squares we will join them with in back loops of both squares  but first we will make border of squares with white yarn and then join them all together .

Border of c2c squares ( white yarn )-:

Row 1 : Insert your hook in any of the corners 1 st ( I inserted mine in up left corner ), pull a loop and make sc 1, ch 2, sc 1 all in the same st that we have inserted our hook.- this will form our corner

Ch 2, skip 1 block and make sc 1 in the space between the two blocks, repeat all around till you get to the corner – in the corner make again sc 1, ch 2, sc 1 , join with in 1st sc st.

Row 2 : Ch 3, dc 1, ch 2, dc 2 in the corner ch-2 sp , make 2 dc in each of next ch-2 sp, in the corner make 2 dc , ch 2, dc 2 to form the corner .


We will use embroidery basic chain stitch to make the letters and lines that gives the fruit and vegetables more realistic look . I used this in some of my vegetables as iceberg lettuce for example . In the graph the lines that you should make are colored with dark colors . For example iceberg lettuce square .

How to make basic embroidery chain stitch – Insert the needle from point A to point B as you see there is a circle formed and the needle is inside the circle now pull the needle and insert it in the point B and pull it from point C .

Make the mouth of each fruit or vegetable using the same method you can make it as big as you wish in different shape – crying, smiling, wondering .

I made some of the eyes separately and then sew them on the fruits just because I forgot to make them when I was crocheting the fruit as I haven’t  made  the graphs before I start the blanket . I made the graphs as I crochet. At the end I realized that it is easier to make the eyes separately and then sew them on the fruits as you do not need to cut the yarn and attach the black yarn to make the black block of c2c which is going to be your eye. Actually it is easier and I think more esthetic  if you sew them .

Here is how to make the eyes :

1st way to make the eyes  –  White part – Start with magic ring, secure with slip knot , ch2 and make 10 dc into the ring, join with in 2nd ch of beg ch-2.

Black part – Start with magic ring and make 7 sc into the ring , join with in 1st st .

Sew the black part onto the white and then make sparkle with the white color yarn .

2nd way to make the eye – Start with black color yarn

Rd 1:  Make magic ring and 6 sc into it.

Rd 2: Switch to white color yarn – ch2, hdc in base of initial ch 2, 2 hdc in each st around , join with in 2nd ch of beg ch-2.

There are 1 post for each 4 letters – which are our 1 row of the ABC blanket that will be available each week . You can see the first 4 letter’s graphs – which are A- apple , B- broccoli, C- carrot and cherry, D- dewberry and dragon fruit – here .

The basic steps of c2c ( increase , decrease ) you can find here.

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  1. GREAT tutorial, thank you ! I’m just back from Ravelry, where I discovered this lovely blanket abc 😀 How exciting you’re offering a CAL about it !… I might give it a try… hmmmm…pondering, pondering 😀

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