Crochet gift bag – free pattern

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Are you looking for a creative way to add a personal touch to your gift-giving? Our free crochet gift bag pattern is the perfect solution. 

Crocheting your own gift bags adds a personal touch that shows your recipient how much thought and care went into their gift. 

crochet gift bag free pattern

Handmade crochet bags have a charm and versatility that store-bought bags simply cannot match. With a handmade gift bag, you can customize the colors, size, and pattern to suit your recipient’s taste and style, making the gift truly special.

Why choose a crochet gift bag?

Crochet gift bags are perfect for any occasion. And they can be used for birthday gift presentations and weddings to Christmas gifts as well. They can be customized in any color you choose and match the style of the recipient.

Crochet Gift Bag Ideas

Here are some additional color choices for crochet gift bag ideas for different occasions:

Baby showerCrochet a gift bag in pastel colors and add a cute animal applique.
Bridal showerCreate a lacy, feminine gift bag and embellish with pretty ribbon for a touch of elegance.
BirthdayMake a bright, colorful gift bag with fun tassels or pom-poms.
HolidayCrochet a festive gift bag in traditional holiday colors and add a button for a rustic vibe.
Any occasionCreate a lacy, feminine gift bag and embellish it with a pretty ribbon for a touch of elegance.

With these ideas, you’ll be able to create a beautiful crochet gift bag that will truly make your gift special.

Crochet gift bags for Christmas

Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas

This year, we host a CAL ( crochet along ) where we share one free pattern each day till Christmas. And the 13th free pattern is the crochet bag.

If you missed the first 12 days, check them on the Advent calendar CAL page.

For more Christmas inspiration check the patterns down below.

Crochet gift bag – free pattern

I love that this bag can be made in any size and for any occasion, not only for the upcoming Christmas. As you can see in the picture, I have already crocheted four different variations, and the 5th one is on its way. So grab your hook, and let’s crochet some gift bags together.


I have plenty of cotton worsted cotton yarn in my stash. That’s why I used worsted cotton yarn from Hobbii Cotton 8/8, 100 % cotton, 50gr / 75m in colors red, green, and cream.

Crochet hook – 4mm


Tapestry needle

stitch markers ( optional )


The pattern is written in US crochet terminology

sl st – slip stitch

ch (s) – chain (s)

dc- double crochet

ch-1 sp – chain- 1 space

ch- 3 sp – chain-3 space

st(s)- stitches

** – rep the stitches in the ** indicated times

Color scheme

First square – first color red, switch to cream color yarn

Second square- green, shiny local yarn shop tencel yarn

Third square – tencel yarn, green color as second one

Fourth square – alternating 3 colors- red, tencel, green color yarn.

Step-by-step written instructions

If you are new to crochet, check the detailed instructions for the granny square HERE.

Round 1: ch3, 2dc into the ring, * ch3, 3dc * rep 2 more times, ch3, join on top of first ch3.

Round 2: ch4, * 3dc, ch3, 3dc, ch1 all in next ch-3 sp * rep 2 more times, make 3dc, ch3, 2dc in last ch-3 sp, join with sl st on 3rd ch of first ch4.

Round 3: ch3, 2dc into the first ch-1 sp, * ch1, 3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch-3 sp, ch1, 3dc in next ch-1 sp * rep 2 more times, ch1, 3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch-3 sp, ch1, join with sl st on top of first st.

Round 4: ch4, 3dc in next ch-1 sp, * ch1, 3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch-3 sp, ( ch1, 3dc) in each of next 2 ch-1 sps * rep 2 more times, ch1, 3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch-3 sp, ch1, 2dc in next ch-1 sp, join on 3rd ch of first ch4.

Repeat rounds 3 and 4 one more time.

Round 7: same as round 3.

switch to second color yarn

ch1, 1 sc in each st and each ch-sp, placing 1 sc,c2, 1 sc in each 3 corners, for the 4th corner of the square place 1sc, ch8, 1sc. Fasten off.

After you finish the square, you should have 25 sts on each side. Now place a marker to both sides in the 13th st, which is the middle stitch of the side.

This will help us when you sew the sides so that the sides are straight and no stitches are skipped.

How to join the square and turn it into a bag

When you place a stitch marker, turn the square with the wrong side facing you. And fold the bottom corner ( the corner that corresponds to the corner with the ch8 space ) and the both corners on each side.

At the end you should have a square that look like the one on the picture.

how to turn a granny square into a crochet gift bag

How to sew the granny square

Now, take a tapestry needle and start sewing the granny square.

First, leave the stitch with a marker in the middle. Secondly, insert your hook in the next stitch through both loops and to the corresponding stitch’s both loops and continue throughout each stitch till the upper corner in the middle. Then, continue to the other side till you get to the next corner.

How to sew a granny square

Now, here you have two options:

First option: Add a button for closure – just sew a button to the corresponding place of the ch8 at the upper corner of the square.

Second method: Add a bow instead of a button.

How to crochet a bow

Row 1: ch10, 1 hdc in the second ch from hook, 1 hdc in each ch remaining

Row 2: ch1, 1 hdc in each st across.

At the end, weave all ends in. Take a string of yarn and wrap it around the bow. Try to wrap it around the middle of the bow. Leave a longer tail for sewing.

Sew it on top of the corresponding side of the ch8.

Now you have finished your Crochet gift bag!

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