Crochet Gnome Along( CAL ) 2024

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Welcome to our exciting Crochet Along (CAL) adventure!

If you’re new to the concept, a CAL is a community event where crocheters from all around the world work on the same project simultaneously. It’s a fantastic way to learn new techniques, share tips, and make new friends who share your passion for crochet.

free crochet gnome CAL

What is a Gnome Crochet Along?

In this Gnome Crochet Along, we’ll crochet adorable, whimsical gnomes together. Each month, we’ll release a new gnome pattern with step-by-step photo tutorials. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just starting out, this CAL is designed to be enjoyable and accessible for all skill levels.

Why Join a Crochet Along?

Joining a CAL is not just about making a project; it’s about being part of a community. Here are a few reasons why you should join us:

  • Learn New Skills: Each part of the gnome pattern introduces new stitches and techniques, helping you expand your crochet repertoire.
  • Get Inspired: Seeing how other participants interpret the pattern with different colors and embellishments can spark your creativity.
  • Stay Motivated: Working alongside others motivates you to finish the project. Plus, you’ll have support if you run into any challenges. Check out our gorgeous Facebook group with more than 70k participants.
  • Make Friends: Share your progress, ask questions, and celebrate your successes with fellow crocheters.
free crochet gnome CAL

Want more free crochet gnome patterns?

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Is this CAL suitable for beginners?

Most of the patterns are designed with beginners in mind, but some are suitable for advanced beginners. We try our best to include more step-by-step photo tutorials for each part of the gnome so crocheters of every skill level can crochet them.

difference between joined and continuous rounds in crochet

Crochet stitches and techniques you should know

Almost all of the patterns use simple crochet stitches and techniques. Some of them are as follows:

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Crochet stitches

Crochet techniques

  • How to make a magic ring, a.k.a magic circle.
  • How to crochet in the front loop or back loop of a crochet stitch.
  • Working in joined or continuous rounds.
  • Yarn under single crochet instead of regular single crochet.
  • Working in the third loop of a half double crochet stitch.

The Best Yarn for Crochet Gnomes

The yarn you select can greatly impact the appearance, feel, and durability of your finished project. In this section, we’ll explore the best types of yarn for crocheting gnomes, the ideal yarn weights, and how to pick the perfect colors.

Types of Yarn

Regarding crocheting gnomes, three main types of yarn stand out: acrylic, cotton, and blends.


Acrylic yarn is a popular choice for many crochet projects, including gnomes. It’s affordable, widely available, and comes in a vast array of colors. Acrylic yarn is also easy to care for, making it a great option for items that may need frequent washing. Additionally, it has a slight stretch, which can be beneficial for creating soft and squeezable gnomes.

For reference, check the crochet flower gnome collection from last year’s gnome.


Cotton yarn is another excellent option, especially if you prefer a natural fiber. It produces a clean, crisp stitch definition, which is perfect for showcasing intricate details on your gnome.

Cotton yarn is durable and holds its shape well, but it can be less forgiving if your tension is inconsistent. It’s also a bit heavier than acrylic, which can add a nice weight to your gnome.

For reference, check the summer gnome collection from the previous year’s gnome along.

Blends (Acrylic-Cotton, Wool-Acrylic)

Blended yarns combine the best of both worlds. An acrylic-cotton blend offers the softness and stretch of acrylic with the stitch definition and natural feel of cotton.

On the other hand, wool-acrylic blends add a touch of warmth and fuzziness, making your gnome extra cuddly. Blends can provide a unique texture and feel, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

For reference, check these gnome patterns.

Different Yarn Weights for Crochet Gnomes

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Let’s explore the benefits of three commonly used yarn weights: sport, DK (double knit), and worsted.

different yarn weight for crochet gnomes

Sport Weight Yarn

Sport weight yarn is a light, fine yarn that offers a delicate and detailed finish to your gnome. Here are some benefits of using sportweight yarn:

Schachenmayr Catania yarn
yarn art jeans
hobii rainbow cotton 8/6
  • Detail and Precision: Sport weight yarn is perfect for creating small, intricate details.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Gnomes made with sport-weight yarn are lightweight and compact, ideal for decorations, small gifts, or even keychain charms.
  • Smooth Texture: The fine strands of sport-weight yarn produce a smooth, refined texture, giving your gnome a polished look.

DK (Double Knit) Weight Yarn

DK weight yarn is a versatile, medium-light yarn that strikes a good balance between detail and speed. Here are the benefits of using DK-weight yarn:

  • Balance of Detail and Speed: DK weight yarn allows you to include detailed features while working up your gnome relatively quickly.
  • Comfortable Size: Gnomes crocheted with DK weight yarn are typically a comfortable size for holding, displaying, or giving as gifts. They are neither too small nor too large, making them ideal for various purposes.
  • Widely Available: DK-weight yarn is commonly available in many colors and fiber types, giving you plenty of options.

Worsted Weight Yarn

Worsted weight yarn is a popular, medium-weight yarn.

  • Worsted-weight yarn works up quickly, allowing you to finish your gnome project in less time than lighter weights. This is great for those who want to complete their gnome on time.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Gnomes made with worsted weight yarn are sturdy and hold their shape well.
  • Versatile and Accessible: Like DK-weight yarn, worsted-weight yarn is widely available and comes in various colors and fiber blends.

Tools and materials needed

After you choose the type and weight of the yarn, select an appropriate crochet hook. Depending on your choice, you will probably need a hook between 2.5 mm and 5 mm.

Polifiber filling to fill the gnomes

Tapestry needle to weave ends in and to sew the different parts of the gnomes.

Now if you are ready let’s explore the free crochet gnome patterns which are already live on the blog.

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Crochet Gnome patterns part of the CAL.

crochet pencil gnome free pattern


Crochet Pencil gnome free pattern

The pencil gnome is the perfect gift for your loved teachers. As the school year ends, I decided to crochet something that can be given to the teachers as an appreciation gift or to the children in our families. So, the pencil gnome was born.

Additionally, it is one of the easiest gnome patterns ever. It uses only a single crochet stitch and some simple color changes. This is the perfect project for beginners to start with.


Crochet Owl gnome free pattern

The graduation owl gnome is the perfect graduation gift for family members or friends who graduate from school or university. It has more parts than the other gnomes, but there are step-by-step photo tutorials for each one, making it perfect even for beginners or advanced beginners.


Mini bunny gnome keychain

The mini gnome keychain pattern was designed as an Easter bunny gnome, but don’t let this limit you. It can be the perfect accessory or the perfect gift for bunny lovers.

Because of its size, it can be the perfect starting point for those who are new to crochet gnomes and amigurumi.

crochet dog gnome free pattern


Crochet dog gnome free pattern

The dog gnome pattern is perfect for all pet lovers. It is highly customizable. To personalize it, you can crochet it in your pet’s colors. Additionally, it can be a perfect gift for friends with dogs or dog lovers.

If you are unfamiliar with color changes, this dog gnome can be the perfect project to elevate your skill and learn how to change colors in the middle of a crochet round.

easy crochet bear gnome pattern


Crochet bear gnome family free pattern

The bear gnome family is an easy pattern that uses simple crochet stitches, like the single crochet stitch. You will also learn how to crochet simple shell stitches and easy edging.

That’s why if you are a beginner crocheter who is searching for a bit advanced pattern to upgrade your skills this is the perfect pattern for you.

Remembrance day gnome, free pattern, poppy flower gnome free pattern


Poppy gnome free crochet pattern

The poppy gnome was designed to honor Remembrance Day, but I could not finish it on time. Then, I realized it could be the perfect addition to my flower gnome collection and decided to share it with you. It is better late than never, right?

The construction of this gnome is a little different than the other ones, but if crocheted the flower gnomes from the previous gnome along, it will be a breeze to crochet the poppy gnome.

coming soon


Daffodil gnome free crochet pattern

I finished the daffodil gnome pattern in early spring when all the daffodils bloomed. But again, like the poppy gnome, I could not finish the pattern on time. So here it is, even with a little delay.

coming soon
crochet apple gnome free pattern


Apple gnome free crochet pattern

The apple gnome is part of our school-themed collection. We designed each gnome as an appreciation gift for teachers and high school or university graduates.

Additionally, here is a fun fact about our country: At the beginning of the school year, every first-grader gets his books and an apple. I think the apple symbolizes being healthy throughout the school year.

So, this gnome can be used as a back-to-school gift and an appreciation one.

coming soon

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