Crochet Heart coaster free pattern

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The heart coaster crochet pattern is an easy beginner pattern using a simple color change to create a beautiful gift or quick home decorating project for Valentine’s day.

If you’ve been searching for a quick handmade gift for Valentine’s Day — you’ll love this crochet heart coaster pattern! Scroll down for the free crochet pattern.

crochet heart coaster free pattern

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Heart Coaster – a Free Crochet Pattern

The best part is that it works quickly and is a real stash-buster! This heart-shaped crochet coaster can be made in any color combo! I used two colors and made three different variations!

crochet heart coaster with red heart free pattern

As February stepped in Valentine’s is closer than ever and what better crochet project than a quick and easy crochet heart-themed coasters! They are perfect to show your love NOT only for Valentine’s Day as well at any time of the year!

hobbii cotton 8/8 yarn made in a crochet heart coaster

What You’ll Need to Crochet Heart Coaster

  1. To crochet a heart coaster, you need to know; how to make a magic ring, how to crochet double crochet, how to make a slip stitch, and how to work with two colors simultaneously.

  2. Crochet hook size – 4 mm

  3. Cotton yarn- I used Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/8 in colors white and red

  4. Tapestry needle to make the perfect finish and weave the ends in.

Yarn for Heart Coaster Crochet Pattern

When it comes to kitchen stuff and anything warm, my favorite yarn to use is cotton!

Hobbii Cotton friends 8/8 in a heart shaped coaster

Cotton is a fine, strong, durable, breathable, absorbent, and lightweight natural fiber. Similarly, these properties and consists of 8 threads make the coasters stronger and time resistant.

This heart-shaped coaster pattern uses Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/8, lightweight yarn made from 100% cotton that is machine washable, which undoubtedly makes maintenance easier!

Of course, if you have never worked with cotton yarn is good to know that it can split a bit and may not fit beginners. But most important is that the heart coasters must be durable, not only beautiful!

Crochet Heart Coaster Size

The coaster is 11 cm in diameter without the reverse single crochet border.

Finished Size

The finished size of the heart coaster is 11,5 cm. If you are a beginner and uncomfortable with reverse single crochet, a.k.a crab stitch, use a normal single crochet border instead.

Notes Before Starting

The heart coaster crochet pattern is worked using the tapestry crochet method, which means that we will work with two colors at the same time by carrying on the yarn through our stitches.

The essential part of the crochet heart coasters is to use 100% cotton yarn. It can be worsted-weight yarn as well. The beginners can choose cotton with tighter twists, such as Lily’ Sugar’n Cream or Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton. Keep in mind that if you use worsted-weight, your coaster’s finished size will be bigger than mine.

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Abbreviations (US Terms)

sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

ch(s)- chain (s)

st(s)- stitch (es)

beg ch3- beginning chain three

sl knot- slip knot

sl st – slip stitch

sk- skip

rep- repeat

rnd- round

st sp- stitch space

prev- previous

YO- yarn over

**- repeat the stitches in the ** indicated times

Special stitches and crochet techniques

As I mentioned above, this coaster uses the tapestry crochet technique to achieve the heart-shaped coaster look and reverse single crochet stitch, a.k.a crab stitch.

How to tapestry crochet?

For example, Rnd 2: CH 3, 2 DC in each of next 2 sts, attach color B, 3 DC in next st, switch to color A * rep from to 3 more times, sl st on 3rd ch of beg ch3. –

Before you finish the last step of your stitch with color A, attach the new color B to your hook, drop the color you have been working with, and pull the new yarn through your loops. You will have a neat and clean stitch in the previous color, and the next stitch will be worked with the new color.

When working the stitches with color B, carry on color A as shown in the picture below, and vice versa, carry on color B when you are working with color A.

How to carry on yarn in tapestry crochet

How to crochet crab stitch, a.k.a reverse single crochet?

Ch1, Insert hook into the stitch to the right of your chain, YO, and pull up the loop like normal single crochet except, here, your stitches will be twisted, YO and pull through both loops on hook, ch1 ( it is optional, I found it easier to work the stitch by adding ch1 after each finished single crochet. If you are familiar to the stitch work it without the ch1 ).

How to perfect finish of your projects?

The perfect finish method gives your handmade piece neat, clean, and beautiful final touch. I always use this method in my crochet projects since I have learned and mastered it.

heart coaster crochet free pattern, two colored crochet coaster

Heart Shaped Coaster Crochet Pattern

Ch3 at the beginning is NOT count as a stitch

Rnd 1: Using yarn A, start with a magic ring, secure with a sl knot, ch3, make 12 dc into the ring, sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch3.

Finished 12 dc into a magic ring

Rnd 2: CH 3, 2 DC in each of next 2 sts, attach color B, 3 DC in next st, switch to color A * rep from to 3 more times, sl st on 3rd ch of beg ch3.

how to work 3 dc into the same chain space

Round two finished ( See picture below )

how to crochet a round with two colors

For rnd3 and rnd 4, we will NOT work the double crochet stitches as usual, we work them in between the stitches, which will be our stitch space ( See pictures below )

Working a double crochet stitch in between two stitches

Where is the stitch space for round 3?

When we crochet any stitch, we usually work in both loops of the V on top of the stitch, but for round 3, we will work it between the next two stitches. In the picture below, each arrow indicates each stitch space.

Indicates each stitch space for round three

Rnd 3: sl st in next 2 sts, in between st 2 and 3 from prev rnd 2 ( see picture below ), ch3, 3 DC in same st sp, * switch to color B, sk 2 sts, 3DC in next st sp, sk 3 sts, 3 DC in next st sp, switch to color A, sk 2 sts, 3 DC in next st sp, * rep 2 more times, switch to color B, sk 2 sts, 3DC in next st sp, sk 3 sts, 3 DC in next st sp, switch to color A, sl st on 3rd ch of beg ch3.

Round 3 is finished ( See picture below )

working with two colors at the same time in crochet

How to find the stitch spaces for round 4?

In the picture below, each stitch, space is indicated by an arrow.

crochet granny stitch space shown

Rnd 4: sl st in next 3 sts, sl st in next st sp, ch3, 4dc in same sp, * sk 3 sts, 4 dc in next st sp, * rep 10 more times, sl st on top of 3rd ch of beg ch3.

Finished round 4 ( See picture below )

Finished heart coaster crochet pattern

You can stop here and leave your heart coaster crochet pattern as it is. It is up to you whether to add a border or not.

Coaster’s border

For the border I used reverse single crochet stitch, also known as a crab stitch. If you are not comfortable with the stitch, instead of it, you can crochet one round of normal single crochet stitch or a sl st round.


Ch1, 1 reverse single crochet in each st around.

At the end finish with sl st at the back of your first stitch for a smoother look. Cut the tail and weave all ends in.

Finished white coaster with red hearts

Video tutorial for the crochet heart coaster pattern

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 Heart coaster crochet pattern free

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