Crochet Mini hat ornament

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Crochet mini hat ornaments are the quickest and best stash-busting projects for the holiday season. You can easily use your stash as they use a really small amount of yarn.

All of us have small balls of yarn that can’t be used even to finish one row or round of projects. So, with this mini hat ornament, even the smallest string of yarn can be used. Scroll down for the free pattern, or purchase the AD-FREE PDF HERE.

Why I love the mini hat ornaments

As I mentioned earlier, they are perfect stash-busting projects. And they are quick to make so that you can finish them in less than 30 minutes. All of them can be customized as the granny stitch loves colors.

With the granny stitch, there are no wrong color combinations. In every case, it is highly customizable. If you are in the mood for a Christmas vibe, use the traditional green, red, and white colors. For a more rustic vibe, crochet them in tweed yarn and add a bead on top as a pom pom.

Color lovers can crochet them in vibrant colors to match their personality and holiday decor as well. So, as I said, it is a highly customizable pattern.

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worsted weight yarn- Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek Solids 100% acryl, 142 g/5oz, 213 m/232 yards in different colors. You can use between 2-4 different colors for best results.
– crochet hook size  4mm 

–pair of scissors 
– tapestry needle 

Yarn substitutes: 

The pattern can be used with any weight yarn you have. However, I recommend using weights like DK (double knitting), sport weight, light worsted, aran, and worsted weight! 

Stitch Abbreviation: 

HDC- half double crochet 

Sl st- slip stitch 

CH- chain 

Rep- repeat 

– repeat the stitches in the ** indicated times 

Pattern notes: 

  1. The pattern is written in US crochet terms. 
  1. The initial CH 2 is counted as a stitch! 
  1. If you use thinner yarn, your stars will be smaller. 
  1. With bulkier yarn, they will be bigger. 
  1. You can use the stars as crochet ornaments for your Christmas tree, make a bunting for your fireplace mantle, or as an ornament for wrapping gifts. 

Prefer the PDF version?

Grab the ad-free, printable PDF pattern.

Download and print at home. View on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.


Mini hat’s brim 

Starting with a white color 

-starting with any color you want 

Row 1: CH 5, HDC in 2nd from your hook, HDC across, CH 1, turn 

Row 2-15:  HDC across, CH 1, turn (4) 

Now, we will join the brim to form a ring. 

How to invisibly join both sides of the brim with slip stitch. 

When you make your last st of the brim, ch 1, do not twist or turn your work. Grab the other side and hold it towards the side that is on your hook, then turn your hook and insert it through the 1 st st of row 1 of the brim and the other side’s back loop. Then continue joining with sl. st till the end. 

how to crochet brim for mini hat

Continue on the hat’s body 

We will work in every second stitch across the brim. You have 15 rows, which means you have 15 stitches.  

Switch to your main color 

Rnd 1: CH 2(counts as hdc), HDC 2 in first stitch, skip 1, *3 HDC in next, skip 1* rep 5 more times, 3 HDC in last, sl st to join. (8 clusters of 3 hdc) 

Rnd 2-5: sl st till the next space, CH 2, 2 HDC in same space, 3HDC in each space across, sl st to join (8 clusters of hdc) 

Rnd 6: sl st till next space, CH 2, HDC in same space, 2 HDC in each space across, sl st to join (8 clusters of 2 hdc) 

Rnd 7: CH 2, HDC in next st, *HDC2tog* rep across, sl st to join. FO. Leave a longer tail to close the gap. (8 stitches) 

How to make a mini pompom. 

Take the white color yarn and wrap the yarn around your three fingers 20-30 times. Take the yarn from your fingers and tie it in the middle. Cut the yarns and form your pompom. Use scissors to cut and make it round. 

Countdown to Christmas CAL

The free mini hat ornament is part of our Christmas CAL ( crochet along ) where we share one free pattern each day! So, at the end of the CAL, you will have 24 free crochet patterns.

If you missed the first 15 patterns, check all of them HERE.

To join the CAL, drop your email down below and be the first to be notified when the patterns are live on the blog.

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