Crochet Mini stockings ornament for Christmas

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Crochet unique holiday decorations with these quick and easy crochet mini stockings ornaments, perfect for even the novice crocheter. In just under 30 minutes, you’ll have delightful additions to your festive decor.

These mini stockings also serve as an ideal stash-busting project, allowing you to utilize those small leftover yarn balls lingering around the house. Scroll down for the free pattern or buy the AD-FREE, printable PDF HERE.

crochet mini stockings ornaments

Why Choose Crochet Mini Stockings Ornaments?

When it comes to selecting Christmas ornaments, there are endless options available. However, handmade ornaments like crochet mini stockings or crochet mini hats stand out from the crowd, adding a unique and cozy touch to your holiday decor. 

Also, the crochet ornaments are perfect as last-minute Christmas gifts. For example, this year, I gave a gift box to my friend filled with a striped ornament in white and red color, a Santa mug cozy, and a pack with flower coasters I made in red and white colors.

To my uncle’s wife, I will give another pair of striped ornaments in a sparkly red color.

So, as I mentioned earlier, these ornaments are perfect as last-minute gifts.

Why I love the crochet mini stocking pattern

First, this pattern is super easy to crochet and designed with beginners in mind. Second, the mini stockings are super quick to crochet. Third, because of their size, they use a small amount of yarn, meaning that you can use your leftover balls of yarn. ( All of us have tiny balls of yarn hiding around the house) Last, the stitch used allows you to use any color combos because, with the granny stitch, there are no wrong color choices.

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We have some other free ornament patterns, and here are some of them. But if you ask me, the best match for the mini stocking is the mini hat ornament and the Christmas baubles pattern.

crochet mini hat and mini stocking ornaments for Christmas

Unique Ideas for Displaying Christmas Mini Stockings

If you are asking yourself how to show off these beautiful mini Christmas sock ornaments, here are some tips.

  1. Hang them on your Christmas tree as ornaments. You can crochet different ones in solid colors, tweeds, variegated yarn, or in two colors.
  2. As centerpiece on the Christmas table, filled with some small gifts for all the guests.
  3. Add mini stockings on top as gift wrappers after you wrap your gifts. They will impress everyone for sure. And here is a star ornament, which is also perfect as a gift wrapper.
  4. As they are quick to make, you can crochet a bunch of them and turn them into a garland to place on your mantel.

Before we start, share this pattern with your friends. Or if you don’t have time to crochet it now, save it to your Pinterest board and crochet it later.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

crochet mini stockings ornaments

Mini stockings ornament written instructions

So, if you are ready, let’s crochet some festive mini stockings together.

crochet mini stockings pattern free

Prefer the PDF version?

Grab the ad-free, printable PDF pattern.

Download and print at home. View on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.


worsted weight yarn- Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek Solids 100% acryl, 142 g/5oz, 213 m/ 232 yards in different colors. For best results, use between 2-4 different colors
– crochet hook size 4mm
–pair of scissors
– tapestry needle

Yarn substitutes:
The pattern can be used with any weight yarn you have. Although I recommend using weights like DK (double knitting), sport weight, light
worsted, aran, worsted weight!

Stitch Abbreviation:

hdc- half double crochet
dc-double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
ch- chain
sc2tog- decrease-work two single crochet stitches together
cluster- set of dc or hdc stitches made in one space or stitch
Rep- repeat
** repeat the stitches in the ** indicated times

Pattern notes:

  1. The pattern is written in US crochet terms.
  2. The initial CH 2 and CH 3 are counted as a stitch!
  3. If you use thinner yarn, your stocking will be smaller.
  4. You can crochet the mini stocking in one color or multiple colors using scrap yarn from previous projects. Great stash buster.
  5. With bulkier yarn, they will be bigger.
  6. You can use the stocking as crochet ornaments for your Christmas tree, make a bunting for your fireplace mantle, or place small gifts inside for family and friends.

Stocking pattern:

-start with color A
Rnd1: Start with a MR, secure with a slip knot, ch 2(count as dc), make 9 hdc into the ring, sl st to join (10)
Rnd2: ch 2, hdc in first st, 2hdc in each stitch around, sl st to join (20)

After this round, I switched colors in each round. Also, throughout the pattern, we will
work in the space between the stitches, not on top of the stitches. We will use clusters of 2 hdc or 2 dc stitches.
Rnd3-5: sl st till the first space (this is the space between the 2nd and 3rd
stitch of round 2), ch 2, hdc in same space, skip 2 stitches, 2 hdc in next space rep across, sl st to join (10 clusters of 2 hdc)
Rnd6-8: sl st till the first space, ch 3, dc in same space, skip 2 stitches, 2 dc in next space rep across, sl st to join (10 clusters of 2 dc) FO.


Attach the color of your heel (I used white)
Row1: sc in next 10 sts, ch 1, turn (10)
Row2: sc2tog, sc across til 2 sts remain, sc2tog in last 2 sts, ch 1, turn

Row3-5: repeat row 2 till 2 sts remain
Row6: ch 1, turn 2 sc in each st across
Row7: 2sc in first st, sc across until 1 st remain, 2sc in last st, ch 1, turn
Rows8-9: Repeat row 7 until you have 10 sts across.

how to crochet heel for stockings or socks

Tie off and leave a long tail. Fold the heel in half so that it is inside out. Sew up
the side using a slip stitch. Attach a 10” strand and repeat for the other
side. Flip the heel right way out.

how to close a heel for crochet socks or stockings

Continue working on the stocking’s body

Rnd9: Attach your yarn in the space between the 8 and 9 dc cluster of round 8, pull a loop, ch 1, sc in the same space, (the next stitch is worked to prevent a gap between the main body and the heel) insert your hook in the base of the first stitch of heel’s row 1 and into the first stitch of the heel, pull up a loop, yarn over pull through 3 loops on your hook,

how to work round the heel

sc in the next 8 sts across the heel, insert your hook in the last st of the heel and pull a loop, insert your hook in the 10th st of round 8 and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 3 loops on your hook, sc in next 9 sts, sl st to join (20)

how to finish a sock's heel in crochet

Rnd10: ch 3, dc in same st, skip 1, 2 dc in next rep 8 more times, skip the last st, sl st to join (10 clusters of 2 dc)
Rnd11-14: sl st till first space, ch 3, dc in same sp, 2 dc in each space across, sl st to join (10 clusters of 2 dc ) FO. Attach your cuf’s color
Rnd 12-13: ch 3, dc in each stitch around, sl st to join (20)

How to make a hanging loop

Sl st in next st, ch 15, sl st in same. FO.

crochet mini stockings ornaments

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