Crochet sunburst hexagon bag- free crochet pattern

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The last pattern of 2023 will be this easy crochet hexagon bag! After all the Christmas rush and crocheting Christmas gifts I think it is time to make something for ourselves, Don’t you agree?

Crochet hexagon bag-free pattern

I have made this crochet sunburst hexagon bag a few months ago, but while working on other projects and patterns this went straight to the WIPs pile. After all the Christmas presents I found a little time to write the pattern down and it is time to share it with you.

The bag is made of 7 hexagons which we will join and turn into a bag. The yarn I am using is one of my favorites- Hobby lobby Yarn bee solid. This yarn is perfect as it is not fussy, it has amazing texture and the weight is great for crochet bags. It has a variety of colors in solids and variegated.

I love the sunburst granny square and it inspired the design of my hexagon. I love how it looks with almost every color combination. You can even use your leftover balls and make yourself a crochet scrap bag.

The crochet hexagon bag can be made with light worsted-weight yarn or worsted-weight yarn. The hexagon has some textured stitches which will make it pop out like mini flowers. You can make it one-colored or use a few colors as I did.

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Crochet bag

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Crochet Hexagon bag pattern:


-worsted weight yarn- I used Yarn bee solids

-crochet hook size- 5mm

-tapestry needle


SS- slip stitch

BPDC- back post double crochet

DC3tog- make 3 double crochet stitches together

HDC- half double crochet

DC- double crochet

Puff stitch- *YO, insert your hook and pull up a loop. Repeat from * 3 more times, inserting your hook into the same space, YO, and pull through all loops.

The pattern

We need 7 hexagons

Hexagon pattern:

-start with color A

Rnd 1: Start with a MR, secure with a slip knot, CH 1, make 12 DC into the ring, SS to join (12)

-switch to color B

Rnd 2: CH 2, * 1 Puff in first, CH 1* rep from * to * all around, SS to join (12 puffs)

In the next round, we work in the chain spaces only.

Rnd 3: CH 2, *skip the puff stitch and work in the first ch-space, make (1 Puff, CH 1, 1 Puff, CH 1) in the chain space, * rep from * to * all around, SS to join. (24 puffs)

-switch to color C

Rnd 4: CH 1, *skip first ch-space, 1 shell in next ch-space, skip the next ch-space, make SC in next ch-space* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join. (6 shells)

-switch to color D (the main color of your bag)

Rnd 5: CH 1, * BPDC in next 3, SC in next ch-space, BPDC in next 3, CH 1, BPDC in next, CH 1* rep from * to 5 more times, SS to join (6 points)

Rnd 6: CH 2, * DC in first, HDC in next, SC in next, (SC 1, CH 2, SC 1 in next), SC in next, HDC in next, DC in next, DC3tog over the next 2 ch-space and 1 stitch* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join.

Rnd 7: CH 2, *DC in 4, (DC 1, CH 1, DC 1 in corner space), DC in next 5* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join. (11 stitches on each side)

Rnd 8: CH 1, * SC in next 5, (SC 1, CH 1, SC 1 in corner), SC in next 6* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join (13 stitches on each side) FO.

Crochet hexagon
Crochet sunburst hexagon

How to join our crochet hegaon. First place one crochet hexagon in the middle with wrong side facing you. Put a second one onto it with right side facing you. One of these crochet hexagon will be for your front and one for the backside of your bag. Then fold your remaining 5 hexagon into 2 and place them around the center piece. Leave the upper side blank.

Take your tapestry needle and a long piece of your main color, start sewing the pieces. First we will sew the center piece with all of the hexagon surrounding it. Flip your bag and sew the center piece of your backside.

Now we will have only the sides to sew together.

Crochet granny square join

Strap :

Row 1: CH 6, SC in 2nd from your hook, SC in each remaining, CH 1, turn (5)

Row 2: SC in each across, CH 2, turn (5)

Row 3: DC in next, Puff in next, DC in next 2, CH 1, turn (5)

Row 4: SC in each across, CH 1, turn (5)

Row 5: SC in each across, CH 2, turn (5)

Repeat rows 3-5 till you have your desired length. I made my strap shorter as I like it like that. it is approximately 15cm.

Make the last 2 rows only with SC stitch.

If you have any questions about the pattern feel free to contact me on any of my shops  or social media accounts  and I  will do my best to answer in ASAP

We will be really happy to see pics of your bags. You can share them on Instagram with the hashtag #passionatecrafterr or on our Facebook page.

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