Do you feel? It smells of freshly baked gingerbread.

Do you feel? It smells of freshly baked gingerbread.

Do you feel? It smells of freshly baked gingerbread. Only snow is missing here. But tomorrow our snowman will be ready to give us a bit spirit of Christmas. I am sure that you can already feel the magic of our Christmas collection, but don’t forget to prepare the cookies and the milk because Santa is coming and only 10 days left.I know it is a bit frustrating with my all post these days, but as I told you before we are last minute person and it is Christmas rush. It is already smells of freshly baked gingerbread.Can you smell it? They are delicious. Only 10 days left and it is time to prepare some gingerbread and milk to show Santa that we are all expecting him.

Gingerbread man cookies pattern

Materials needed :

  1. Paintbox Simply DK – vanilla cream ( 107 )- main body and hands
  2. Paintbox Simply DK– white – frosting on head
  3. Paintbox Simply DK– red – rose red (113)- cherry on top
  4. Paintbox Simply DK– light brown/brown – cherry handle
  5. Crochet hook size – 3,5mm – US crochet hook size – E
  6. Safety eyes – 12mm – black or you can use different color depends on you
  7. Poly fiber fill for stuffing
  8. Tapestry needle
  9. Scissors
  10. Buttons for decoration- I used 2 buttons.

The doll is made of flat pieces that we will join with single crochet stitch later. Jingle the elf  is made of 6 pieces.

Tips and tricks of the pattern:

  1. Color changing – When you switch colors do it always before you finish your last st of the prev color yarn. Just change color before your last YO of prev st and YO with new color then pull through the hook with the new yarn . Here is example with colors – insert your hook into the last stitch of Colour A. Pull up a loop in Colour A. Then yarn over in Colour B to complete the stitch. Continue with Colour B until you need to switch again.

When you change color make sure that you are dropping the yarn in the back of your panel if you wish you can put a stitch marker of the Right side of the panel or piece of string so you will never wonder which one is the correct side.

  1. Incorporating different colors – You can use fair isle crochet technique when changing colors or you can just pull them from back without cutting yarn. Just be sure that you keep the yarn at the backside of panel. In the pattern when we make the head we will need to work different color stitches of some rows. The whole pattern is made using single crochet stitch so when we incorporate different colors the stitches will be indicated with the letter of the color . For example – “ 6W, 12CR , 6W ” – so it means that you should make first 6 stitches with White color, the next 12 with Cream , and last 6 with White color.When it says “ decW” – it means you should decrease with white color yarn .
  2. Do not forget – Make ch 1 and  turn at the end of each row.

Let”s get starting :

Front and back body panel of the Ginger man cookie with bow :

Start with vanilla cream color yarn .

Row 1:  ch 6, sc 5  ( 5 sts )

Row 2: inc, sc3, inc  ( 7 sts )

Row 3-9: sc across ( 7 sts )

Row 10: inc, sc 5, inc ( 9 sts )

Row 11: sc across ( 9 sts )

Tie off.

Repeat the rows 1-11 but do not tie off. Now you will have two pieces that we will join together in next row as in the picture bellow:

In the next row we will join 2 legs of the front body panel .

Row 12: inc, sc 8 across of 1st leg,  now continue on the 2nd leg and make sc 8 , inc in last st ( 20 sts )


Row 13-22: sc across ( 20 sts  )

Row 23: dec, sc 16, dec ( 18 sts )

Row 24-25: sc across ( 18 sts )

Row 26: dec, sc 14, dec ( 16 sts )

Row 27: sc across ( 16 sts )

Row 28: dec, sc 12, dec ( 14 sts )

Row 29: dec, sc 10, dec ( 12 sts )

Row 30: dec, sc 8, dec ( 10 sts )

Row 31: sc across ( 10 sts )

Now we will start the head..

Row 32: Ch 4, sc 3 along rem chs , sc 10 along prev row ( 13 sts )

Row 33: Ch 4, inc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in rem 2 chs, sc 12 along prev row, inc in last st ( 18 sts )

Row 34: inc, sc 16 , inc ( 20 sts )

Row 35: inc, sc 18, inc ( 22 sts )

Row 36-46: sc across ( 22 sts )

Row 47: dec, sc 18, dec ( 20 sts )

Row 48: sc across ( 20 sts )

Switch to white color yarn. Next 2 rows are worked in white.

Row 49: sc across ( 20 sts )

Row 50: dec, sc 16, dec ( 18 sts )

Switch to vanilla cream color yarn. Rows 51-54 are worked in vanilla cream color.

Row 51: sc across ( 18 sts )

Row 52:  dec, sc 14,  dec ( 16 sts )

Row 53:  dec, sc 12,  dec ( 14 sts )

Row 54: dec, sc 10, dec ( 12 sts )


Front and back body panel of the cookie with frosting and cherry on top: 

Rows 1-41 are worked the same.

Now we will start incorporating different colors to make the frosting on the head. Stitches  will be indicated with letters instead of sc. Find the letter-color in color  legend section.

Row 42: 6VC, 2W, 14VC  ( 22 sts )

Row 43: 7VC, 1W, 4VC, 4W, 6VC ( 22 sts )

Row 44: 5VC, 4W, 4VC, 3W, 6VC ( 22 sts )

Row 45: 5CV, 5W, 3CV, 4W, 5CV ( 22 sts )

Row 46: 5VC, 4W, 3VC, 5W, 5VC ( 22 sts )

Switch to white color yarn . Rows 47-54 are worked in white.

Row 47: dec, sc 18, dec ( 20 sts )

Row 48: sc across ( 20 sts )

Row 49: sc across ( 20 sts )

Row 50: dec, sc 16, dec ( 18 sts )

Row 51: sc across ( 18 sts )

Row 52:  dec, sc 14,  dec ( 16 sts )

Row 53:  dec, sc 12,  dec ( 14 sts )

Row 54: dec, sc 10, dec ( 12 sts )

Cherry on top :

Row 1: Insert the hook in any stitch of row 54 that you wish your cherry to start from, pull a loop and ch1,make sc in same st, sc in next 2 sts. ( 3 sts )

Row 2: inc, sc 1, inc ( 5 sts )

Row 3-5: sc across ( 5 sts )

Row 6: dec, sc1, dec ( 3 sts ). Tie off.

Take light brown/brown yarn and insert the hook in the 2nd st of last row and pull a loop make ch 6, along chs.

Hands : ( make 4 pieces )

Start with vanilla cream/skin color yarn.

Row 1: Ch 3, sc 2 ( 2 sts )

Row 2: inc 2 ( 4 sts )

Row 3-14: sc across ( 4 sts )

Tie off.

Blush on the chicks: ( 2 pieces )- make with pink color yarn.

Rd 1: Start with magic ring and make 6 sc into it.

Rd 2: inc in each st around ( 12 sts )

Rd 3: sc across  ( 12 sts )

Bow : ( red color yarn )

Row 1: Ch 25 , join with in 1st ch to form a circle, sc in each ch across ( 25 sts )

Row 2-3:ch1, sc in same st,  sc in next 24 sts  ( 25 sts )

Take a long piece of string and tie the bow in the middle . Use the same string to sew the bow on head of cookie.

Use white color yarn and tapestry needle to make the decorations of the cookie with the bow. Make curly line on the bottom of belly, hands and feet.

Assembling pieces together. It doesn’t matter where you will start assembling.

It will be easier if you attach the small parts on the body and face first then join the 2 body panel together.

  1. First assembly hand pieces together 2 by 2. 2 pieces for each hand. Join the with sc st. Assemble ears.
  2. Insert the eyes in the 39th row leave 3 or 4 sts space between eyes.
  3. Sew pink blush circles jus bellow the eyes – a little bit aside .
  4. Make mouth using black string and tapestry needle.
  5. Sew hands to the back panel.
  6. Assemble two body panels.
  7. Stuff doll as you join along.

There are two different methods of joining that I used- I used the ordinary single crochet stitch joining in 1 of the gingerbread man ( this with the bow ) and joining with slip stitch ( gingerbread man with cherry on top )

When you join two body panels make sure that the right side of front panel is facing you while you are crocheting with single crochet stitch around.

In the picture bellow you can see the difference between two gingerman cookies .

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