Easy crochet butterfly applique in 2 sizes- free pattern

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Crochet appliques are an easy pattern for a beginner to start with! Below you will find the free crochet butterfly applique that you can attach to any of your crochet projects!

Crochet appliques-small crochet projects

Probably each of you has crocheted or attempted to crochet an applique once in your crochet journey.

And why not?

They are small, easy to make, and require a small amount of yarn. Another bonus is that they are portable.

What to do with crochet appliques?

There are endless possibilities to use a crochet applique. You can attach them to crochet hats, headbands, blankets, and bags.

Some of my first crochet blanket patterns are based on crochet appliques. For example, I crocheted a few jungle animal appliques and turned them into a themed Safari blanket. Cool right?

Or you can use them as embellishments for crochet toys as we did. We used the mini butterfly applique in our crochet Butterfly gnome.

Crochet mini butterfly applique pattern

Crochet butterfly applique in 2 sizes

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  • worsted weight yarn or any yarn you have in your stash
  • Crochet hook size 3.5mm/ US size E or suitable hook size for your yarn
  • tapestry needle
  • a pair of scissors


MR- magic ring

DC- double crochet

CH- chain

ss- slip stitch

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Small butterfly applique pattern:

-start with color A

Rnd 1: Start with a MR, secure with a knot, CH 1, *2 DC, CH 1*8 times, SS to join (8 ch-1 spaces in total)

Crochet first round of butterfly applique

Switch to color B. Fasten off color A.

Rnd 2: CH 1, *skip 1, SS in the space between the 2 DC we made in the previous round, skip 1, 6 DC in the chain space* 8 times, SS on top of the first stitch to join. FO. (8 petals in total)

step by step tutorial of crochet butterfly applique
how to crochet the petals for applique of butterfly

Fold the piece in two and form the butterfly. Your crochet will be wavy don’t worry after folding it will turn into a butterfly applique

Take a piece of yarn and make the middle chain. I used black.

CH 14 and FO. Leave a longer tail at the beginning and the end of your chain for tying.

crochet applique of butterfly from a flower
Crochet mini applique of butterfly
easy crochet butterfly applique made with petals

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