Easy Crochet Pumpkin in 3 Different Sizes- Free Pattern

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Looking for an easy crochet pumpkin pattern to decorate your home this fall? Below you will find the free crochet pumpkin pattern with step-by-step written instructions and a photo tutorial to help you crochet the perfect pumpkin in 3 different sizes.

Even better! This pattern uses only basic crochet stitches such as single crochet (SC), slip stitch (SS), and half double crochet (HDC). Undoubtedly, this crochet pumpkin pattern is the perfect choice for beginner crocheters to start with.

Crochet pumpkin for beginners

Usually, when we crochet amigurumi and stuffies we need to crochet in rounds. It can be hard for some of us to keep track of our stitches or to get the same shape as the pattern designer.

However, to achieve the pumpkin shape we will crochet a flat rectangle piece which we will turn into a round crochet pumpkin.

Easy crochet pumpkin pattern for beginners with crochet leafs, stem and tendrils
Easy crochet pumpkin pattern for beginners with crochet leafs, stem and tendrils

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Every year around this time you can see store shelves full of different fall decorations mainly of pumpkins. Even though there are plenty to choose from it is better when it is handmade.

Moreover, you can always choose the perfect color for your pumpkin and easily customize the size of your crochet decorative pumpkin.

And today I will show you how to crochet a pumpkin and make it in various sizes. So dive into your stash, grab some cozy yarn, and let’s make some crochet pumpkins with me!

Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Although this pattern can be considered an amigurumi crochet pumpkin we will not use the amigurumi technique of crocheting in rounds.

Instead, we will crochet a flat rectangle piece by going back and forth (crochet in rows)!

This means you don’t need to know how to make a magic circle or how to crochet in rounds to create these adorable pumpkins. The stem though is crocheted in rounds. But I will give you a few options on how to add alternative stems to your crochet pumpkins.

First, you will crochet a flat ribbed piece with stitches worked in the back loops of the previous round.

Then, you will turn the rectangle into a tube. You will sew the two short edges together to close your rectangle.

When you finally have a tube you will gather the bottom with a running stitch and add stuffing. Afterward, you will close the top the same way we did with the bottom.

Last but not least we will form the pumpkin with a tapestry needle and some yarn. And to finish off the pumpkin we will add the crochet stem and tendrils on top of the pumpkin.

How to Customize Your Crochet Pumpkins

The possibilities are truly endless. Here are a few examples:

  • Use different weights of yarn. Do you have some small balls sitting in your stash? It is time to use them. Create a batch of various crochet pumpkins in different colors and weights.

  • Change the colors. Why not spice things up and use variegated yarn for your crochet pumpkins? Even better you can actually change colors in every even round to create a patterned pumpkin.

  • Use a cinnamon stick or twig for the stem.

  • Add a bow or use jute yarn to tie the pumpkin.

How to Decorate With Crochet Pumpkins?

Pumpkin table centerpiece. Make 3 different sizes of crochet pumpkins. Place them on top of each other. Use some felt leaves and felt sunflowers (you can buy them from Dollar Tree stores). It will look awesome on your Thanksgiving dinner!

A keychain. Use thinner yarn and a smaller hook to crochet a mini pumpkin. Add some chains and keychain holders.

A pumpkin garland. Make a bunch of mini crochet pumpkins and add them on a string. Place them on your fireplace mantle.

Jack-o-lanterns pumpkins for Halloween home decor. Add some black felt eyes and teeth to your pumpkin and turn it into a spooky Halloween decoration.

More free crochet patterns for Halloween

  1. Crochet Halloween witch gnome pattern

  2. Crochet Scarecrow gnome pattern

  3. Crochet pumpkin gnome pattern

Crochet rustic pumpkin with a stem and leaves


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Materials You’ll Need

For my crochet pumpkin pattern, I used worsted-weight yarn in a nice ochre and rustic orange color. The hook that I am using is a 6mm crochet hook/ US J hook.

If you are a beginner crocheter I suggest you use a smaller crochet hook than the one indicated on the label. It will prevent the gaps in your stitches and your stuffing from coming out.

PRO TIP: Use a smaller crochet hook if you crochet loosely, to achieve more sturdy fabric and prevent holes. Use a bigger hook if you crochet too tight. Otherwise, it will be hard to work in the back loops of your stitches.

I am a tight crocheter so the J hook was just right for me!

  • Using a thinner yarn such as DK weight or sport weight yarn will create a more delicate fabric and smaller pumpkins.

  • Using a chunky or bulky weight yarn will result in a bigger crochet pumpkin. Another way to crochet a big pumpkin is to use two strands of thinner yarn. For example, you can use two strands of worsted-weight yarn. Moreover, you can use two different colors and create your own unique shade.

Materials you’ll need to crochet a pumpkin

  • worsted weight yarn- Lionbrand yarn Vanna’s choice in mustard and terracotta

  • a small amount of brown if you will crochet a pumpkin stem and a small amount of green for the crochet pumpkin leaf and tendril

  • crochet hook size 6mm- You can use a hook from 4-6mm.

  • Fiberfill for stuffing the pumpkin

  • tapestry needle


The sizes below are with the stem included. The stem is about 1/2 “.

Small size: The finished pumpkin is 3.5″ wide and 2.5″ tall.

Medium size: This pumpkin is 4.5″ wide and 3.5″ tall.

Big size: The big pumpkin is 5.5″wide and 4.5″ tall.


The gauge is not important as the finished pumpkin size will vary due to the yarn and hook used.

Skill Level:

This pattern is Beginner- Easy. We use only basic crochet stitches on repeat rows.


US crochet terms

SC– single crochet stitch

HDC– half double crochet

sl st– slip stitch

BLO– back loop only

CH(S)– chain(s)

Special stitches:

Working in back loops only– The loop that is closer to you is the front loop and the loop that is farther from you is the back loop. Insert your hook in the one that is farther from you.

How to crochet in back loops only

Crochet pumpkin-free pattern

Row 1: CH 27, sl st in 2nd from your hook, sl st in next 2, SC in next 3, HDC in next 14, SC in next 3, sl st in next 3 (26)

Row 2: (Work in BLO) CH 1, turn, sl st in next 3, SC in next 2, HDC in next 14, SC in next 3, sl st in next 3 (26)

How to measure your crochet pumpkin

Repeat row 2 till you reach 12-14 inches in width (measured in the widest part). I crocheted 30 rows to 14″.

Don’t forget to work in back loops only throughout the pattern. Otherwise, you won’t have the ribbed edges on your pumpkin.

1. Turning your rectangle into a tube

Fasten off your yarn and leave a longer tail for sewing. You can also continue joining your rectangle with a slip stitch but I prefer closing with a tapestry needle. It looks seamless.

Place your last row on top of your foundation chain and insert the yarn needle through the back loop of the last row. Then go through the corresponding stitch of your foundation chain. Continue till you have a tube.

How to turn your rectangle into a tube

2. Cinching your tube into a circle

Take a long piece of yarn and a tapestry needle. Close the bottom of your tube using the running stitch (also known as basting stitch).

Insert the needle through the raised rows of your edge. When you go around the edge pull tight to close. Secure with a knot. If there is a gap left, go over it with the needle and close.

How to close a gap with a runing stitch in crochet

When the bottom is closed, start stuffing the pumpkin with fiber fill. It is time to close the top.

3. Closing the top and forming the pumpkin shape

Repeat the step 2 and close the top of your pumpkin. Do not fasten off your yarn. Go through the center from top to bottom and back. Pull tight to form the squashed look of the pumpkin. Repeat this a few times around the center.

How to shape your crochet pumpkin

How to crochet a pumpkin stem

This part is optional. You can crochet your stem or add a cinnamon stick, or mini twig using a hot glue gun. If you will use a twig add some hot glue onto the bottom of your twig and stitch it to the center of your pumpkin.

You can also add some jute yarn or thin rope and tie it as a tendril.

Easy crochet pumpkin pattern for beginners with crochet leafs, stem and tendrils

Prefer the PDF version?

Grab the ad-free, printable PDF pattern. With all the photo tutorials included!

Download and print at home. View on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Crochet pumpkin stem pattern

Rnd 1: Start with a MR, and make 6 SC into the ring (6)

Alternate beginning of the magic ring

CH 2, 6 SC into the 2nd from your hook.

Rnd 2-6: SC in each stitch around (6) Fasten off.

How to crochet a tendril for a pumpkin

-with green color yarn

*CH 28, HDC in 3rd from your hook, 2 HDC in each chain till the last 4, SC in each of last 4 chains* repeat 2 times to have 2 tendrils. Fasten off and leave a longer yarn tail for sewing.

How to crochet a pumpkin leaf

-with green color yarn

Adding a leaf to your crochet pumpkin is optional

Step 1: CH 7, SC in second from your hook, SC 1, HDC 1, DC 1, HDC 1, (SC1, CH 1, SC 1 all in last CH), continue working on the opposite side of your foundation chain, HDC 1, DC 1, HDC 1, SC in each of last 2 stitches, sl st on top of the first stitch to join. Fasten off.

Small crochet pumpkin pattern:

Row 1: CH 15, sl st in 2nd from your hook, sl st in next, SC in next, HDC in next 8, SC in next, sl st in last 2, CH 1, turn (14)

Row 2: (Working in BLO) sl st in next 2, SC in next, HDc in next 8, SC in next, sl st in last 2, CH 1, turn (18)

Repeat row 2 till you reach 10″. I crocheted 20 rows.

Medium crochet pumpkin pattern

Row 1: CH 19, sl st in 2nd from your hook, sl st in next, SC in next 2, HDC in next 10, SC in next 2, sl st in last 2, CH 1, turn (18)

Row 2: (Work in BLO) sl st in next 2, SC in next 2, HDC in next 10, SC in next 2, sl st in last 2, CH 1, turn (18)

Repeat row 2 till you reach 12″. I crocheted 25 rows.

Use a smaller hook to make the crochet stem, leaves, and tendrils of the smaller sizes. For example, I used a 6 mm crochet hook for the pumpkin and 5 mm for the pumpkin’s stem.

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