Easy crochet rose for beginners- free pattern

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Crochet flowers are an easy crochet pattern for a beginner to start with. Therefore in this post, we will show you how to make easy crochet rose appliques in two ways. Scroll down for the free pattern or buy the ad-free PDF pattern here!

How to crochet an easy  red rose with layers and green leaves

Crochet flowers are good projects for beginners to start with. Why?

Because they are small projects that will make you feel accomplished and not frustrated. Moreover, you can see the end result pretty quickly and make a bunch of them. Thus, you can always pin them on some gift cards and show off your skills to friends and family.

crochet red and purple roses with green leaves

What to do with crochet rose applique?

You can always use the crochet rose applique to add some personality to your crochet hats or blankets. Use them for scarves and bag embellishments. Why not make an adorable charm for your backpack or a keychain?

Supplies and materials you will need to make the crochet rose applique

  • any type of yarn you have in your stash. I usually prefer cotton if I will be using the crochet rose applique on a home decor project or a bag, but if you will use it on a crochet scarf, blanket, or crochet hat it will be better to use acrylic or wool/acrylic blend yarn
  • any crochet hook size which is appropriate for your yarn
  • tapestry needle to weave ends in and to sew the crochet rose applique

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Crochet rose applique pattern


  • CH- chain
  • DC- double crochet
  • SS- slip stitch
  • turning chain- the turning chain is the initial chain 3 of your first row. It is the first 3 chains that are left when we make the first double crochet in 4th chain from our hook.

Pattern notes:

  • We will crochet in rows- back and forth
  • In the first row, we will crochet a setup row, and then in the second row we will form the petals
  • Your work will be curly in the end. Don’t panic- it is supposed to be that way.
  • In the end, we will sew and form the crochet rose applique
crochet rose applique in purple, red and pink colors

The written instructions for the crochet rose applique:

  • Row 1: Ch 24, 2 DC in 4th CH from your hook, *CH 1, skip 1, 3 DC in next* rep across
crochet a double crochet in 4th chain from your hook

2 DC in 4th from your hook

crochet row 1 for rose applique

*CH 1, skip 1, 3 DC in next* rep across

crochet pattern for a rose applique. row 1

Row 1- completed

  • Row 2: * CH 2, turn, DC in the first, 2 DC in next, DC in next, CH 2, SS in next ch-space*rep across, in the end, you will make the last SS in the 3rd ch of your turning chain.
photo tutorial for crochet rose applique flower

Chain 2

photo tutorial for the petals of crochet rose applique

DC in the very first stitch

photo tutorial on how to crochet a rose flower applique

2 DC in next, DC in next

photo tutorial on how to crochet a petal

Chain 2

photo tutorial on how to crochet a flower petal

Slip stitch in the chain space

  • when you reach the end of row 2 you need to work the last DC stitch and the slip stitch in the 3rd chain of your turning chain.
photo tutorial on how to work in turning chain in crochet
crochet flower applique petals
  • Your crochet rose base is ready and it is time to fold it and turn it into a crochet rose applique.
  • Fold it from the center and go around it to form the flower. Take a tapestry needle and sew the petals from the back.
  • Make sure that you are going through all the layers.
how to crochet a flower in one piece
how to sew a crochet flower to form a rose

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Crochet rose applique pattern for beginners with green leaves

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