Fallen star headband

Fallen star headband

This year in Bulgaria weather is warmer than previous winters and when I was searching for a different pattern of headband because on the web most of the headbands are made with cables or are too similar to each other.I make the fallen star motif for my new scarf pattern and thought it would be great as a headband too. In winter most of us prefer darker colors but this time I prefer more colorful pattern which will make your mood better.The new project come with new ideas and I get encouraged and made a video tutorial for the first time. It was a bit hard for me because I don’t have needed supplies and was a bit nervous when we were shooting the video. I try my best to edit and make it useful.If you want to watch the tutorial and help yourself making this headband pattern the link is here:

For the Fallen star headband I used :

  • Yarn weight DK (11wpi) and Sport weight (12wpi) For the headband I used very small amount of Drops Karisma (DK weight) – 100% wool color number –72, 21/ dyelot 2328/3446, and very small amount of Yarn and colors Charming (Sport weight) color numbers- Petroleum (70), Girly pink(35), Peony pink(38), Orchid(52), Larimar(62), Cantaloupe(16).
  • Crochet hook size 4.5 mm US
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Abbreviations :

  • sc – single crochet dc- double crochet

  • st- stitch sts- stitches

  • sl.st- slip stitch beg- beginning

  • ch-3 sp – chain 3 space

  • ch – 1 sp- chain 1 space

  • () – make the indicated stitch between () in one stitch.

  • ** – repeat the stitches between the ** indicated times

Special stitches:

Picot stitch: To begin, ch 3, insert the hook into the back bar of the first chain, YO, pull through all loops on hook.

Tips and tricks for the sizes :

If you use the same yarns as mine and your gauge is as mine 4 sts / 5 rows per 1 inc your star must be 7 cm.

Newborn – 2 years  – 5 stars , Children- 4- 12 6 stars,  Adult small size 7 stars,  Adult Medium/Large size – 8 stars. And repeat all rows as much time as your stars.

Flower and the star pattern :

Start with Yarn and Colors Cantaloupe(16) color yarn.

Row 1: Ch4, sl.st in first ch to form a ring/circle, ch4,make 1 dc into the circle, *ch1, 1 dc *- rep 4 times, ch1 join with sl.st in the 3rd ch of beg- ch4.

Switch to Yarn and colorsGirly pink(35) color yarn.

Row 2 : (sl.st in first ch- 1 space, ch2, 2 dc, ch 2, sl.st ) – rep 6 times , join with sl.st in first st .

Switch to – Drops Karisma(21) dark grey color yarn.

Row 3 : Insert the hook into the first sc of the next petal and ch3, skip the petal, sc in BLO of the first sl.st of next petal– rep 6 times, ch3 join with sl.st in the first ch of beg-ch3.

Row 4 : ch1,*  (1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1picot, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc) in the next ch- 3 space * – rep. 6 times.End. Weave all end in.

Joining of the stars will be made by using join as you go/ crochet along for this. You have to start row 4 till the picot st. ch3 but don’t finish the picot take off the loop from the hook and insert it in the picot st of the finished star after that take back the loop that we have just taken off now you have 2 loops on the hook, pull first loop through the second and finish the picot st by making a sl.st in the first ch of beg. Ch- 3.Finish the point of star. Repeat this for the next point of the star and continue with row 4. The stars are joined only by 2 point of them.

Switch to – Drops Karisma(71) light grey color yarn

 Row 5 : Insert the hook into the 1st sc st of the star’s point ( doesn’t matter from which star you will start)* ch3, skip the next point of the star and make 1 sc into the first sc of the next point, ch3 skip next 3 sts and make 1 sc into the picot st, ch1, 1 sc , * repeat 7 times, join with sl.st to the first ch of beg ch-3.

For this row we will work only in the ch – spaces.

Row 6 : ch1, Make 3 sc into each ch-3 space and make 2 sc into each of the ch-1 spaces till the end of the row.

If you want you can make 1 more row by making sc all around the row. Row 5 and 6 must be made into the both sides of the headband.


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    1. Here the weather is the same I hope we will have winter, so I can wear it too. But if it is still hot I think to make one with cotton yarn for the hot days 🙂 🙂 🙂

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