Festive crochet pillowcase

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Hi, Tj here. I am happy to share the latest pattern on our blog- Festive Crochet pillowcase. Easy, fast, reversible, and cozy pillow perfect as a last-minute Christmas gift or just to cheerish up your home with a handmade accessory.

I designed this pillow a year ago for Christmas as a last-minute gift for my sister-in-law but never had time to write the pattern down till now. As a new mom, sometimes I cannot manage my time to design and crochet new stuff ( some patterns need so much frogging and starting over and over again till you like the final look, and a day with a baby is so unpredictable ). That’s why I decided to write down all the patterns popping up all over my apartment. And believe me or not, they are not few.

I like the look of the fur yarn, I really do, but working with it is harder than the normal weight yarns, and I wanted to crochet something involving this type of yarn but still be beginner friendly pattern that can be crocheted without frustration.

I have a few new patterns coming soon made using fur yarn, and all of them can be made in less than 20 minutes. They are more DIY projects than crochet, but they are still cute enough to write them to your wish list for 2023. If you want to be the first to receive them when they are published, you can subscribe to our newsletter and get notified when they are live on the blog.

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As you can see, this pillow is reversible, easy, and fast to crochet. You can customize it by adding buttons on the side you wish to be backside and use it as a changeable pillowcase. I didn’t because I like both sides equally. I crocheted it as a Christmas gift, but you can use it as cozy home decor for your living room. I am sure it will look gorgeous in different colors like white, cream or black as well as mine. If you cannot still feel the Christmas spirit in yourself, check out our Christmas patterns, which I am sure will touch your soul.

A few notes before we start

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Final measurements: Finished size of the pillowcase is 80cm x 80cm/ 31.5 inch x 31.5 inch. It fits a pillow
40cm x 40cm/15.5 x 15.5 inches
Crochet hook size: 5mm
Skill level: Beginner/Advanced
Crochet terms: The pattern is written using American crochet terms.


  • Yarn- worsted weight yarn- I used Red heart super saver in cherry red
    (100%acrylic,198gr/7 Oz, 333m/364 yards). But you can use whatever brand worsted / aran weight yarn you have in your stash. And a fluffy yarn- Zeeman Fluffy Sparkle(100% polyester, 100gr/3 Oz, 60m)
  • 200gr of Red heart super saver and 150gr of Zeeman Fluffy yarn
  • Colors- red and off-white
  • tapestry needle
  • 5mm crochet hook size

Stitch Abbreviation:
SC- single crochet
DC- double crochet
SS- slip stitch
CH- chain
Rep- repeat
** – repeat the stitches in the ** indicated
FO- fasten off

Pattern notes:

  1. The initial CH 3/2 is counted as a stitch throughout the pattern.
  2. With the first color yarn, a Red heart super saver, we work the pillowcase in the joined rounds.
    We will work from the wrong side with the second color yarn Zeeman Fluffy yarn. This way, the fluffy yarn will be more nicely visible on the front side of the pillow.
  3. The pillowcase is worked as a square and joined at the back after the pillow is inserted.
  4. Use a stitch marker to indicate your first stitch and each corner stitch when working with the fluffy yarn so that you won’t skip or miss stitches.
  5. The numbers of the end total stitches you must have.
  6. Each round is joined with a SS in the 3rd ch of initial CH 3.
  7. We are using different weight yarn; therefore, it can make your work curl a bit, but in the end, it will straighten after joining.
  8. The pattern is reversible and can be used on both sides of the pillow. Front and back both.

-Start with red color
Set up round:
Start with a MR, CH 3, 11 DC into the ring, SS to join (12)
Rnd 1: CH 3, DC in next, 5 DC in next, *DC in next 2, 5 DC in next * rep from * to * 2 more times, SS to join(28)
Rnd 2: CH 3, *DC in each till the corner, 3 DC into the corner * rep from * to * 3 more times, DC across, SS to join (36)
Rnd 3: CH 3, DC in each till the corner, 5 DC into the corner rep from * to * 3 more times, DC across, SS to join. (52)

Switch to your second color
Rnd 4: CH 3, turn your work and continue working the wrong side facing you, DC in each till the corner, 3 DC into the corner rep from * to * 3 more times, DC across, SS to join. (60)

Place a stitch marker in the first st and each corner st.
Repeat rnds 1-4, 3 more times.
Rnd 17: same as rnd 1
Rnd 18: same as rnd 2
Rnd 19: same as rnd 3

Color scheme and stitch total for each rnds
Rnd 1-4: red
Rnd 5: 76 sts- red
Rnd 6: 84 sts- red
Rnd 7: 100 sts- red
Rnd 8: 108 sts- white
Rnd 9: 124 sts- red
Rnd 10: 132 sts- red
Rnd 11: 148 sts- red
Rnd 12: 156 sts- white
Rnd 13: 172 sts- red

Rnd 14: 180 sts- red
Rnd 15: 196 sts- red
Rnd 16: 204 sts- white
Rnd 17: 220 sts- red
Rnd 18: 228 sts- red
Rnd 19: 244 sts- red

Weave all ends in. While weaving the fluffy yarn, cover the joining of these rounds. There will be a slight line as we are working at the wrong side for this round. It will look better if you go over it once or twice.

Take the square and lay it on a flat surface. Fold it as an envelope. See the picture below.

Take a stitch marker and place it in the two middle stitches of each side to form the corner of the case. The middle stitches are stitches 29 and 30 on each side.
Take the fluffy yarn, insert your hook into the stitches we placed a marker on, and join using the single crochet method. Start the joining right side facing you from the bottom right side of the case till the
center and then continue to the upper right side of the case. Then insert the pillow and repeat the same for the other side of the case.

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