Free crochet bobble baby blanket

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This free crochet baby blanket is an easy and fast pattern that you will love. The bobble stitch gives it a 3d look and makes the blanket perfect for snuggling in.

I started this blanket last year and could not find a matching border for it. Then my sister-in-law visited us and said, ” Oh gosh, this crochet baby blanket is gorgeous. You should finish it! ” Guess what happened? I took the blanket and crocheted a border finally I was loving.

The stitch I used has a 3D look and looks a little complicated at first sight, but when you get used, it will be your comfort zone and a stitch that you will add to your stitch library.

The border is simple yet gives the blanket a stylish and modern touch. For now, I share the video tutorial and hope to share the written instructions as soon as I finish writing down the pattern.

I hope you will enjoy this crochet bobble baby blanket as much as I film the tutorial.

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