Free crochet Christmas rag doll collection

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The Christmas rag doll collection contains six ragdoll patterns. As some of you know, when we start to design something, it can’t be only 1. Most of the patterns we made over the years are always themed and come in various sizes and styles.

All the Christmas collection was designed by my sister NJ four years ago. One day after work, I came back home and was thinking about what to crochet next, then I came across a word file of those gorgeous ragdoll patterns and immediately decided to rework them. When you are not alone, the designing process can become tricky because we send photos and files for each part we design. It doesn’t matter it is a blanket, a hat, or an amigurumi doll.

When I saw the old photos of each Xmas ragdoll, I knew that I wanted to change the facial expressions and add more details to feel the warmth they bring to our home at first sight. Nj is the person behind all the baby-related projects you can find on our blog and shops. The only thing I am always complaining about is the face. They always look so cute but so sad. And that’s the main reason I reworked all of them. Maybe this is the only project you can find a piece from both of us.

Maybe? You are asking yourself, what am I reading right now?

The truth is that in the last four years, we have had so many ups and downs that bring us backward in this journey instead of forward. And like most of you, this year, we decided to change ourselves, our mindset, and our goals. The Xmas ragdoll collection has great importance in our designer lives and deserves a more detailed post in our blog.

Is it still beginner-friendly?

Yes, absolutely! All the patterns are still beginner-friendly and easy enough, so even a beginner crocheter can make them. When I was adding details, I always had you in mind and tried not to make the ragdolls more complicated. The easier, the better.

Each of the six ragdoll patterns uses the same construction method. All the pattern notes are the same. That’s why I am writing this post here. If you decide to make all of them, it will be easier to print and save all the essential information in one place. It will save you time as well.

Are you ready?

Get the Christmas collection bundle :

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Essential notes for Christmas ragdoll collection patterns

Method – Crochet
Skill Level – Easy

Materials :

  • Crochet hook- 3.5 mm crochet hook, US crochet hook size- E
  • DK weight yarn (100% Acrylic, 241 m, 100 g) in colors 2 skeins, Cream, White, Black, Dark Green, Brown, Dark Brown, Yellow, Light or neon green, Pink and Cinnamon or Dark cream 1 skein each.
  • Poly fiberfill for stuffing
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

Final measurements in height:
Mrs. Santa – 39 cm
Mr. Santa – 35 cm
Reindeer – 41 cm with the horns
Elf – 41 cm
Gingerbread cookies – 31 cm each

Special stitches :
sc2tog- insert your hook in the indicated stitch, YO, pull through ( 2 loops on the hook ), insert your hook in the next st, YO, pull through ( 3 loops on the hook ), YO, pull through all the loops.

dc3tog- YO, insert your hook in the indicated stitch, YO, pull through, ( 3 loops on the hook ), YO, pull through the first 2 loops ( 2 loops on the hook ), * YO, insert your hook in the same stitch, YO, pull through ( 4 loops on the hook ), YO, pull through the first 2 loops, ( 3 loops on the hook ) * rep 1 more time ending with 4 loops on the hook, YO pull through all the loops.

dec= sc2tog
sc2tog- single crochet 2 together
sc- single crochet
st(s) stitch(es)
dec- decrease
inc- increase

or ** repeat whatever follows the * or **
inc= make 2 single crochet to the same
prev- previous
YO- yarn over
Rnd- round
dc- double crochet
sk- skip
ch(s)- chain(s)
MR- magic ring slip stitch
sl. knot- slip knot
dc3tog- double crochet 3 together
rem- remaining

Color Legend :
R – red color
CR- cream color
W – white color
B- brown

Joining all the pieces :
When you join two body panels, make sure that the right side of the front panel is facing you while you are crocheting with a single crochet stitch around . As you crochet along the outside, you will need to switch colors where appropriate.
Stuffing – Stuff the toy when you crochet along. When you go around the leg with sc, fill it.

The dolls are made of flat pieces that we will join with a single crochet stitch later. The dolls are made of 6 panels – 2 for body and 4 for hands.

Color changing – When you switch colors, do it always before you finish your last st of the prev color yarn. Just change color before your last YO of prev st and YO with new color, then pull through the hook with the new yarn. Here is an example with colors – insert your hook into the last stitch of Color A. Pull up a loop in Color A. Then yarn over in Color B to complete the stitch. Continue with Color B until you need to switch again. When you change color, make sure that you are dropping the yarn in the back of your panel. If you wish, you can put a stitch marker on the Right Side of the panel or piece of string, so you will never wonder which one is the correct side.
Incorporating different colors – You can use the fair isle crochet technique when changing colors or pulling them from the back without cutting the yarn. Be sure that you keep the yarn at the backside of the panel. When we make the head, we will need to work on different color stitches of some rows in the pattern. The whole design is made using a single crochet stitch, so when we incorporate different colors, the stitches will be indicated with the letter of the color.

For example – “ 6W, 12CR, 6W ” – means that you should crochet the first 6 stitches with White color, the next 12 with Cream color, and the last 6 stitches with White color. When it says “ decW,” – it means you should decrease with white color yarn.

Do not forget – Make ch 1 and turn at the end of each row. For each doll, first, we will crochet both legs for each panel, and after that, we will join them and continue to crochet the body and the face.

Here you can find an explanation of how to make the chain stitch. Learn more HERE

All the ragdoll’s patterns you can find down below:

1. The Mr. Santa Claus ragdoll / 2. Mrs. Santa Claus ragdoll / 3. Jingle the Elf ragdoll
4. Rudolph the Reindeer ragdoll / 5. Gingerbread cookie with bow / 6. Gingerbread cookie with frosting

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