Gnome Ornament- Free crochet pattern

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Looking for a small and quick crochet project? Check out this free pattern and learn how to crochet a mini gnome ornament. Create a bunch of these adorable gnomes and use them as Christmas ornaments or stocking fillers. Scroll down for the free pattern or buy the ad-free, printable PDF here.

crochet mini gnome ornaments free pattern. Quick and easy pattern for beginners

Over the last months, I shared with you so many crochet gnomes and this time I wanted to try something new. Last year, my sister (aka TJ) shared the mini Christmas gnome ornaments. They were a total hit, and the love you showed them was incredible.

Therefore, today I will share with you the free crochet Halloween gnome ornament pattern that you can easily turn into any theme gnome. I crocheted my mini gnomes in candy corn colors to go with my Halloween Candy corn gnome and the whole Halloween gnome collection.

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Crochet mini gnome ornament in candy corn colors

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How to customize your mini gnome ornament

Do you know that you can make your own mini witch gnome ornament?

Moreover, this pattern is highly customizable and you can make a bunch of gnome ornaments for every occasion. For example, use purple for the hat and black for the body. Add some orange or green color curls and you will turn it into a mini witch. Make sure to check the crochet witch gnomes we have shared previously and make a set of big and mini gnomes.

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Nevertheless, as I said you can make a mini version of each gnome we have shared with you through our crochet gnome along.

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Crochet gnome ornament pattern

The pattern is written in US crochet terms!

We are crocheting in continuous rounds. Don’t join your rounds in the end.

We will crochet the gnome ornaments in one piece. It means we will start from the hat and continue on the body.

Afterward, we will crochet the beard, curly hair, and the nose.

SKILL LEVEL: Easy/Beginner

SIZE: 10cm/ 4 inches

For the mini gnome ornaments, I used sport-weight yarn with a 2.50mm crochet hook. I know that it is hard to find the same yarn but there are some other options. I suggest you use a thinner yarn such as DK weight yarn/ light worsted weight yarn. Also, use a smaller hook than the one suggested on your yarn label.

It will guarantee that your gnome ornament will remain small. Here is an online website that will help you determine a substitute for the yarn-

Materials you’ll need:

– Sport/ fine weight yarn- Yarn Art Jeans 55% cotton, 45% acryl, 50 g, 160 m
colors- white 5 gr, orange 10gr, yellow 10gr, beige 10gr
– crochet hook size 2.5mm

– fiberfill for stuffing
– tapestry needle

Stitch Abbreviation:

SC- single crochet

SS- slip stitch

CH- chain

Rep- repeat

Inc- increase (make 2 SC in the same stitch)

Dec- decrease ( work 2 SC stitch together)

MR- magic ring

– repeat the stitches in the ** indicated times

FO- fasten off

BLO- back loop only

FLO- front loop only

SC3tog- work 3 single crochet stitches together (decrease)

crochet mini gnome ornaments free pattern. Quick and easy pattern for beginners

Prefer the PDF version?

Grab the ad-free, printable PDF pattern.

Download and print at home. View on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Candy corn Gnome ornament pattern:

-with white color yarn

Rnd 1-2: Start with a MR, and make 7 SC into it, (7)

Rnd 3: *SC in first, inc 1* 3 times, SC in last (10)

Rnd 4: SC in each stitch around (10)

Rnd 5: *SC in next, inc 1* 5 times, (15)

Rnd 6: inc 1, SC in next 14 (16)

FO white color, attach orange.

Rnd 7: SC in each stitch around (16)

 Rnd 8: *SC in next 3, inc 1, * 4 times, (20)

Rnd 9-10: SC in each stitch around (20)

Rnd 11: *SC in next 4, inc 1, * 4 times, (24)

Rnd 12-13: SC in each stitch around (24)

FO orange, attach yellow color

Rnd 14: *SC in next 5, inc 1, * 4 times, (28)

Rnd 15-16: SC in each stitch around (28)

Rnd 17: *SC in next 6, inc 1, * 4 times, (32)

Rnd 18: SC in each stitch around (32)

Rnd 19: *SC in next 7, inc 1, * 4 times, (36)

Starting the hat’s brim

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The next round is worked in Front loop only!

Rnd 20: SC in each stitch around (36)

Rnd 21: *SC in next 3, inc 1* 9 times (45)

Rnd 22: SC in each stitch around (45)

Rnd 23: *SC in next 4, inc 1* 9 times (54)

Rnd 24: SC in each stitch around (54). FO.

Starting the gnome’s body

Continue with beige color yarn. Rnd 21: Go back to round 20 and insert your hook in any back loop stitch, pull up a loop, SC in the same stitch, SC in each stitch around (36)

How to crochet in front loops and back loops only photo tutorial

Rnd 22: *SC in next 8, inc 1* 4 times (40)

Rnd 23: *SC in next 9, inc 1* 4 times (44)

Rnd 24-32: SC in each stitch around (44)

Rnd 33: *SC in next 9, dec 1* 4 times (40)

Rnd 34: *SC in next 8, dec 1* 4 times (36)

Rnd 35: *SC in next 4, dec 1* 6 times (30)

Rnd 36: *SC in next 3, dec 1* 6 times (24)

Rnd 37: *dec 1* 12 times (12)

Rnd 38: *dec 1* 6 times (6) Fasten off and close the gap with a needle.

Candy corn gnome’s nose and beard:

-with beige color

Rnd 1: Start with a MR, and make 6 SC into it (6)

Rnd 2: *inc 1* 6 times (12)

Rnd 3-5: SC in each stitch around (12)

Fasten off here if you will make the she-version with curly hair if not attach the orange color and continue on the beard.

The beard is worked in back and forth rows.

Row 1: *inc 1* 4 times, SC in next, CH 1, turn (9)

Row 2-3: SC in each stitch across, CH 1, turn (9)

Row 4: dec 1, SC in next 5, dec 1, CH 1, turn (7)

Row 5: dec 1, SC in next 3, dec 1, CH 1, turn (5)

Row 6: dec 1, SC in next, dec 1, CH 1, turn (3)

Row 7: SC3tog, FO.

how to crochet a beard for mini gnome

Candy corn gnome’s curls (make 2):

*CH 15, 3 SC in 2nd from your hook, 3 SC in each chain till you have 3 chains left, SC in each of the last 3 chains * 2 times. FO.

You will have 2 curls in the end.

Attaching chain for gnome ornaments:

Insert your hook in any stitch of rnd 1 and pull a loop, Ch 20-25 and insert your hook back into the same stitch. FO.

How to assemble your gnome ornament:

  1. First, sew the nose right below the hat’s brim.
  2. Sew the curls on both sides leaving 2 stitches between the nose and curls.
  3. If you are making the boy sew only the nose and secure the beard on the pointy part with a tapestry needle and orange color.
how to crochet a gnome ornament

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