How to crochet single crochet two together stitch modified

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If you are searching for a meditative, beginner-friendly stitch pattern for your next project, you will be amazed at how easy the single crochet two-together stitch is.

It was impossible not to share this easy beginner-friendly stitch with you. It is one of the easiest crochet stitches because it uses the well-known single crochet stitch. It works so smoothly on your hook that it feels like butter.

Believe it or not, the modified single crochet two-together stitch is so fishy that I didn’t hesitate and crocheted a baby blanket and a kitchen towel.( patterns coming soon on the blog )

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For those who are searching for easy crochet projects, I recommend checking the Lavender baby blanket and the baby blanket category. We do have some interesting baby blankets with super easy crochet stitches that look more intricate than they are.

What should I know for single crochet two together stitch?

We work the single crochet 2 together stitch in the chain spaces of the previous row, not on top of the regular stitches. This way, it creates a nice fabric which makes the stitch the perfect choice for crochet bags, crochet baby blankets, crochet kitchen towels, crochet scarves, and more.

What type of yarn should I use?

As I said, I crocheted a baby blanket using Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn and a 6.5 mm crochet hook size. The final feeling of the blanket is squishiness. For the kitchen towel, I used Hobbii cotton king 8/8 yarn and the 4.5 mm crochet hook size, and the fabric is with good drape and dense. In conclusion, you can use worsted weight yarn for a quicker, larger project like a baby blanket or throw and lighter weight for a smaller project and more drape.

What crochet hook size should I use?

Definitely, I recommend first making a gauge swatch and checking if you like the drape and the feel of the fabric it creates. For more drape, use a larger crochet hook size than the one recommended on the yarn label you will use, and for more dense fabric, use a smaller crochet hook size.

A few pattern notes before we start

The pattern is written in US crochet terminology

The stitch is a one-row repeat and is worked back and forth in rows.

You can change colors every other row or crochet it in one color.

The stitch is single crochet two together worked a little differently than the usual one.

Beginning/turning chain2 is counted as chain-1 space

PRO TIP: If you gonna crochet a baby blanket, afghan or throw, you can carry on the yarn at the edges without cutting it and then hide it under the border of the blanket. This way you will not weave in ends.

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4.5mm crochet hook size

yarn needle

Scissors for weaving in ends

Hobbii Friends Cotton 8/8 100% cotton 50gr/ 1.75 oz, 75m/ 82 yds

In colors Nougat, White, Beige, and Hobbii Cotton King 8/8 100% cotton, 50gr/ 1.75 oz, 75m/ 82 yds in colors Chestnut, Nude.


Sc- single crochet

Ch(s)- chain(s)

Sk- skip

Ch-1 sp- chain – 1 space

sc2tog- single crochet two together stitch

**- repeat the stitches in the ** indicated times

YO- yarn over

beg- beginning

Special stitches

Sc2tog – Insert your hook into the ch-1 sp, YO, pull through, insert your hook in the next ch-1 sp, YO pull through 3 loops on the hook,

YO, pull through all the loops.

Video tutorial on how to single crochet two together stitch

For the visual learners, here is a mini video tutorial on how to crochet the modified single crochet stitch.

Written pattern instructions on how to crochet modified single crochet 2 together

Row 1: Ch29, sc in 3rd ch from the hook, * ch1, sk 1, 1 sc in next * rep across, turn

Here and throughout the pattern, we will work in ch-1 spaces.

Row 2: ch2, sc2tog over the next 2 ch-1 sps, * ch1, sc2tog over the same, and the next ch-1 sp * rep across. For the last sc2tog work it in the last ch-1 sp and the ch-1 sp of the beg ch2.

Repeat row 2 till the desired length or more times.

Happy crocheting!

Did you make this pattern?

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