Knit-a-look crochet twisted headband free pattern

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Easy and quick “Knit-a-look” crochet headband pattern comes in 9 different sizes and is the latest free pattern on our blog. You can continue reading for my inspiration, design process, yarn choice, or you can scroll down for the free pattern.

The design + inspiration

If you come across our previous crochet baby blanket patterns on the blog or on our shops you will see that I used to design more complicated blanket patterns for babies and kiddos. But what I realized was that this kind of patterns are hard to explain and most of the people will not even try to crochet them. You can check all the baby blankets I crochet so far HERE.

That’s why I started to search for more simple, quick and easy stitch patterns that can turn out as a masterpiece with slight color and yarn changes. Crochet stitches which are beginner friendly and easy to explain and expand in different crochet projects like cardigans, hats, scarves and more.

As I tried to crochet different stitch patterns that can also be made quickly as a last-minute gift, I stumble across a very easy stitch. It gives your project a knitted look and is super easy and simple to crochet, but at the same time unique and beautiful.

Why this crochet stitch?

I have never been good at knitting and always have admired the beauty all the makers around the world make with two needles. (I am a crochet person). After trying this stitch, I can proudly say that I have at least a project which looks knitted.

If you are not comfortable with knitting like me but love the knit look, this crochet twisted headband is the perfect next project for you. It comes in 9 different sizes so that you can crochet one for each family member, from newborns to teens and small adults to large adults.

The Yarn:

For the twisted crochet headband pattern, I used my newly found favorite yarn, Bernat premium by Yarnspiration. It is an ultrasoft worsted weight acrylic yarn. It has various colors and works up so smooth that you wish to squeeze and snuggle with this yarn.

It is durable and washable, which is essential these days, right?

Because the yarn weight is worsted, it makes the twisted crochet headband puffier, especially the twist part. As it is bulkier than my usual DK(double knit) weight yarn I use to crochet my applique-themed blankets, gives me the opportunity to finish this crochet project in less than an hour.

My second favorite yarn for winter crochet items is Lion Brand Scarfie, which is labeled as bulky, but to, me it seems more as worsted; it is light and at the same time cozy and warm, which makes it perfect for crochet winter projects.

You can check our “Alpine” headband made with Lion Brand Scarfie yarn HERE 

Crochet twisted headband knit-look

Pattern Description

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  • Worsted weight yarn(I used Bernat Premium in these colors: Aran, Taupe Heather, in tweeds- rainbow tweed)- 50gr- any color
  • 5,5mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Pair of scissors



St(s)- stitch(es)

Hdc-half double crochet

Rem- remaining

Trng ch- turning chain

Special stitches:

Working in the 3RD loop of HDC- When we make regular hdc stitch, we have the usual front loop and back loop of the stitch, but we also have one more additional loop behind our regulars, 3rd loop in which we will be working. You can check the video tutorial in the post below for a better understanding.

Gauge: 14 sts x 10.5 rows

Half double crochet stitches

Pattern notes:

  1. In this pattern, we will work back and forth in rows.
  2. The pattern is pretty easy and repeats only 1 row. The trick here is that we will work the whole piece in the 3rd loop of the hdc stitch that we have made in prev row. Usually, 3rd loop of hdc is at the back of the stitch, but this time it will be in the front of your row as we are working back and forth in rows. See the picture below.
  3. In the end, we will have a rectangular piece, which we will join together and make the twist of the headband/ear warmer.
  4. As the headband is made with a twist, we will make each size 2 inches longer than the required length, as after we finish and make the twist, the band will be shorter. 
  5. The pattern is the same for each size. You need to change the number of chains you begin with. You can find all the dimensions and the number of your foundation chain in the size chart table. Just pick your size and your foundation chain and follow the instructions given in the adult size.
  6. Also, you can make the width of your headband bigger or smaller. Small sizes make it less wide, which means you need to make 7 rows instead of 9 as in the adult size.

Pattern adjustments and Yarn substitution

As I said, the pattern repeats only 1 row and one stitch. The most critical point in the headband design is your foundation chain. Suppose you use thicker or thinner yarn, or you can’t determine your gauge. In that case, all you need to do is- make your foundation chain the length of the desired size (find sizes in the chart table below ), add two more inches for the twist, and then follow the instructions for the adult size given in the post. For example, If you need to make the headband 17 inches, your foundation chain should be 17+2 = 19 inches. 

how to make a twist
How to make a twist for crochet headband

In the table below you will find the measurements of each size and you will find the number of chains, you need to start your headband with.

Final size given on the table below are with added 2 inches, so you don’t need to add extra inches.

size Final size + 2 inches addedChs to start with
new born11-1248
0-3 month12-1352
3-6 month13-1560
6-12 month15-1664
1-3 years15-1768
4-12 years17-1872
teen/small adult18.5-2080
medium adult20-2184
large adult21-2288

Pattern itself:

Teen/Small Adult size: 22 inches

Row 1: Ch 80, hdc in 4th ch from hook, hdc in each rem chain, ch 1, turn (78sts)

The next rows are worked in the 3rd loop of hdc st we made in prev row.

Row 2: hdc in each st till you reach your turning chain, hdc in 3rd ch of turning ch-3, ch 1, turn (78sts)

Row 3-9: hdc in each st around, ch 1, turn. FO.(78sts) Leave longer tail for sewing the twist part.

How to make the twist:

We have a rectangular piece. Let’s say that the short sides are named A and B. They both sides have 2 corners. Now take both corners of each side and fold them to the center. Now insert side A inside side B but not all the way. You will have the loops left. Take a tapestry needle and sew the part where all 4 layers meet. After sewing, this part folds the sides of the loops to center again and sew them together. See the picture below.

How to make a twist in crochet headband

If you prefer VIDEO TUTORIAL INSTEAD OF WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS I got you covered. Watch beginner friendly tutorial on how to make easy twisted headband HERE

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