Modern granny stitch bag- free crochet pattern

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Free crochet granny bag pattern! Continue reading to find out all the details about the yarn used and the design process, or scroll down for the free pattern.

Free crochet granny bag pattern

Crochet bags were all-time favorites for years!

We cannot skip the all-time favorite crochet bags when discussing crochet accessories like crochet scarves, shawls, and hats. One of the most popular crochet bags I shared is the Modern and Stylish backpack I crocheted when I started my crochet journey.

Why haven’t I continued?

Most of you may saw the beautiful bags made out of t-shirt yarn. It was a huge success some years ago, and still, plenty of them exist. But working with this type of yarn can be painful, and it is hard to find. That’s why I started searching for new yarns suitable for crochet bags. I have never thought acrylic yarn could be one of them. Check the Alpine Tulip bag

I tried switching from t-shirt yarn to cotton macrame yarn, but again it can be painful and hard to work with if you are not familiar with it and are not used to this type of yarn. I have to admit it holds shape if you want a more shaped and sturdy-looking crochet bag. Check the Sofia tote bag

New yarns, new opportunities

The last bag patterns I shared showed me a world of new opportunities. I crocheted a Talia market bag with cotton yarn, The Sunburst hexagon bag with acrylic yarn. I was blown away by how easy and sturdy the shape and look of them is. With this newfound knowledge about yarns and bags, I have so many new ideas that I am eager to share with you.

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Now if you are ready let’s crochet some stylish and modern bag together!

Don’t have time to crochet now.

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Final measurements:

The bag size without the straps is: 40cm x 40cm

The strap length depends on you. Mine is 50cm – 22 inches

Crochet hook size: -5mm/ US size H

Skill level: Beginner/Advanced

Materials needed:

Yarn- worsted weight yarn- I used Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek (100%acrylic,142gr/5 Oz, 213m/232 yards). This yarn comes in so many colors, and the weight is perfect for a bag. But you can always use whatever brand worsted/Aran weight yarn you have in your stash.

Colors- for the bag itself- beige color; yellow, blue, red, orange, rosewood or magenta, and brown for the stripes.

-main color- 220-260grams, 20-30gr of the remaining colors.

  • Four stitch markers

-tapestry needle

  • a pair of scissors

Stitch Abbreviation:

SC- single crochet

DC- double crochet

SS- slip stitch

CH- chain Rep- repeat

** – repeat the stitches in the ** indicated times

FO- fasten off

Pattern Notes:

  1. The bag is worked as a one-piece using granny stitch, BUT when we make the granny stitch, we will not make CH 1 between each block.
  2. When we work the 2nd and each following round, the granny block (3dc) will be worked into the space between the blocks we made in the previous round and referred to as the space.
  3. When we start a new round, SS till the next space and start the round with CH 3.
  4. CH 3 is counted as a DC in this pattern.
  5. I made a mini video tutorial for the key points of the bag that can be confusing for a beginner. –Mini tutorial

How to adjust the bag’s size:

  1. To make your bag bigger or smaller, all you have to do is to adjust the foundation chain.
  2. For this bag, you must have an even number of granny blocks.
  3. For example: if you want 20 granny blocks, you must start with 60 chains plus 1.
  4. You can also adjust the depth by adding a few more rounds before making the straps.

“Not Your Granny” bag pattern

RND 1: CH 49, 2 dc in 4th from your hook,

* skip 2, 3 DC in next* rep till the last 3 CH, skip 2 CHS, (3 DC, CH 1, 3 DC in last CH), continue working on the opposite side,

*skip 2 CHS, 3 DC in next* rep till the end, CH 1, SS to join. (32 granny blocks)

Throughout the pattern, we will work in the space between the block stitches, not on top of the stitches as we usually do.

RND 2-22: SS till the next space, CH 3, 2 DC in the same space, 3 DC in each space till the end, SS to join.(32 granny blocks) FO.


Take 4 stitch markers. Place the first in the 11th space, 2nd stitch marker in the 14th space, 3rd in 27th space, and last one in the 30th space.

Row 1: Insert your hook in the space we put the 1st stitch marker and attach the yarn, CH 3, 2 DC in same space, 1 3 DC in each space till the 2nd stitch marker (14 blocks)

Row 2: CH 1, turn, SS till the first space, CH 3, 2 DC in same space, 3 DC in each space across (13)

Repeat row 2 till you have 2 blocks left.

Start with the 2nd side. Insert your hook in the space where you put the 3rd stitch marker, pull a loop and repeat the same we did for the first side.

When you finish your 2nd side continue on the strap.

Strap row 1: CH 1, turn, SC in next 5, SC in turning CH (6)

Strap row 2- 67: CH 1, turn, SC across (6) FO. Leave long tail for sewing.

We left 2 spaces between the sides. Insert your hook in the left space and pull a loop, CH 3, SC on top of the first block, * CH 2, SC on top of the block* rep till you reach the strap, SC in each across the strap, continue on the other side and repeat the steps we did for the first side.

We finished the front sides, now repeat the same steps and work around the 2nd side.

Colorful decorative lines

I haven’t followed any specific order for my colors just added them as I crocheted along.

Start right from the strap. Insert your hook in the first chain space and attach your color. Make 3 HDC into the space that we have made 1st granny block of the last row and continue making them downwards. It will make a diagonal line. The most important part is to work the HDC by inserting your hook from down to up, as in the picture below. Continue till your reach the very first round of your bag bottom, SS to in the space to join. FO.

Skip 1 diagonal row and attach the new color in 2nd. Repeat the same we did for the first row. Continue adding these lines till you decorate your bag.

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