Penguin and reindeer Christmas mini cups-free crochet pattern

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The crochet penguin and reindeer basket are part of the Christmas crochet cups collection. Easy and quick project for a last-moment Christmas gift! You can fill them with some small gifts and candies or just use them to decorate your home.

Crochet reindeer cups

The Christmas cup set is made of 6 different mini baskets.

  1. Santa Claus crochet mini basket.
  2. Reindeer crochet mini basket
  3. The Grinch crochet mini basket
  4. The Gingerman crochet mini basket
  5. The penguin mini basket.

These crochet cups are quick and easy last-minute gift projects that you can make in just an hour or less! With the coming of School’s holiday break, you can crochet a few for your child’s class and fill them with some candy and small gifts. The kids will love them! Last year, I made some easter baskets and fill them with chocolate bunnies for my mom’s kindergarten class. It was a blast among the little ones.

Don’t have time to make this pattern right now?

1. Purchase add-free/printable PDF on Etsy or Ravelry. 
2. Pin it on your Pinterest boards for later.
3. Scroll down to see the free crochet pattern below.

A few notes before we start:

As I said the snowman is part of the Christmas mini basket collection. Before you start with this pattern please read all the information on the main post- Crochet Santa Claus cup.

The baskets can be worked in waistcoat stitch or regular single crochet stitch. If you use a single crochet stitch you need to reduce the rounds and work them till round 14 and then make the last round of crab stitch. I have a full video tutorial for this cup so if you have any troubles throughout the pattern check it out.

Crochet Christmas mini baskets

The pattern


  • worsted weight yarn/aran weight yarn in brown for the reindeer and black for the penguin, a small amount of red for the reindeer’s nose, and orange or yellow for the penguin’s nose, a small amount of white for the penguin’s eyes.
  • crochet hook size – 6mm/ J- hook size
  • safety eyes – 12mm(not necessary)- you can always crochet them


SC- single crochet

**- repeat the stitches in ** indicated times

FO- fasten off

MR- magic ring

Crochet penguin and reindeer basket pattern:

We are working the cups in two strands, so the cups will be more thick and sturdy

-with brown if you are making the reindeer basket, with black if you are making the penguin

Rnd 1: Startt with a MR, and make SC into the ring, SS to join (6)

Rnd 2: CH 1, 2 SC in each around, SS to join (12)

Rnd 3: CH 1, *SC in first, 2 SC in next* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join (18)

Rnd 4: CH 1, *SC in first 2, 2 SC in next* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join (24)

Rnd 5: CH 1, *SC in first 3, 2 SC in next* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join (30)

The next round is worked in the Back loop only

Rnd 6: CH 1, SC in each stitch around, SS to join (30)

Rnd 7-16: CH 1, SC in each stitch around, SS to join (30)

The last round is the edging. i used reversed single crochet known as crab stitch also.

Rnd 18: CH 1, * reverse single crochet, CH 1, skip 1 stitch* repeat around, SS to join.



-with white

CH 8, DC in 4th from your hook, DC in next 3, 5 DC in last, continue on the opposite side, DC in next 3, 2 DC in last. FO.


-with orange

Row 1: CH 2, 3 SC in 2nd from your hook, CH 1, turn (3)

Row 2: SC in each across, CH 1, turn (3)

Row 3: 2 SC in first, SC in next 3, 2 SC in last, CH 1, turn (5)

Row 4: SC in each across. FO. (5)


Ears (make 2)

-with brown

CH 7, SS in 2nd, SC in next, HDC in next, 2 DC in next, HDC in next, 3 SC in last, continue working on the opposite side, HDC in next, 2 DC in next, HDC in next, 2 SC in last, SS to join


-with dark brown color

CH 12, SC in 2nd from your hook, SC in next 4, (SC 1, HDC 1, SC 1 all in next), SC in next 4, SS in last. FO.


-with red color

Rnd 1: Start with a MR, make 5 SC into the ring (5)

Rnd 2: 2 SC in each around (10)

Rnd 3: SC in each around (10). FO.

How to attach the pieces.

Penguin basket:

If you are using safety eyes insert them in the middle of the crocheted white pieces. Then place the white piece onto the upper part of your basket, leaving a few stitches between them. Sew the beak in the middle of the eyes but at the bottom.

Reindeer basket:

Insert the safety eyes in the middle of your cup. Then place the nose and sew it 2 rounds below the eyes. After that sew the ears and antlers from inside on the upper part of your cup.

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  1. I love all of these . So so cute , the Grinch is my top pick, then the snowman, the gingerbread man the penguin Santa, deer .Thank you so much for the written pattern I hope to get them all made.

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