Christmas rush- Ruby the reindeer join Santa to help- free crochet pattern

Christmas rush- Ruby the reindeer join Santa to help- free crochet pattern

RUBY the reindeer ragdoll pattern



And of course in Christmas there must be more helpers to Santa Claus to carry the gifts. I thought it will be very difficult for Santa and Rudolph to get all the work done so here is another little helper of Santa Claus- Ruby. Not only here Christmas rush started but in North Pole as well. Ruby the reindeer is so enthusiastic, curious and full of energy that everything she seems to do goes a little crazy.For me after Rudolph maybe she is the cutest one, so I decide to make one more helper for us. She is a bit different from Rudolph as you can see on the picture and more festive. As Mr. Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus for me Rudolph without Ruby will not give me the full spirit of Christmas. So let’s start crocheting our cute little helper:

If you haven’t seen my Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus with their helper Rudolph the reindeer. Just click on the picture below:

Materials needed:

  1. Paintbox Simply DK – brown – Coffee Bean (110)- feet
  2. Paintbox Simply DK – light caramel (108)- antlers, muzzle
  3. Paintbox Simply DK– light brown– Soft Fudge (109) – main body, head
  4. Paintbox Simply DK– green – grass green(129)- dress
  5. Stylecraft Special DK– light green- grass green (1821) Christmas tree
  6. Stylecraft Special DK– red – lipstick (1246)- decoration of dress
  7. Crochet hook size – 3,5mm – US crochet hook size – E – I used this
  8. Safety eyes – 12mm – black or you can use different color depends on you
  9. Poly fiber fill for stuffing
  10. Tapestry needle
  11. Scissors

The doll is made of flat pieces that we will join with single crochet stitch later. Ruby is made of 15 flat pieces.

Tips and tricks of the patterns :

  1. Color changing – When you switch colors do it always before you finish your last st of the prev color yarn, Just change color before your last YO of prev st and YO with new color then pull through the hook with the new yarn . Here is example with colors – insert your hook into the last stitch of Colour A. Pull up a loop in Colour A. Then yarn over in Colour B to complete the stitch. Continue with Colour B until you need to switch again.
  2. When you change color make sure that you are dropping the yarn in the back of your panel if you wish you can put a stitch marker of the Right side of the panel or piece of string so you will never wonder which one is the correct side.
  3. Do not forget – Make ch 1 and  turn at the end of each row.

I used 2 differnet brands green yarn but they have the same name in the brands color  chart  so dark green in indicated with GR  and light green is indicated with GG

Color legend :

BR- brown – coffee bean

GR- dark green ( paintbox simply dk – grass green )

GG- light green ( stylecraft special dk- grass green )

Let”s get starting :

Front body panel :

Start with brown(coffee bean) color yarn .

Row 1: Ch 6, sc 5 ( 5 sts )

Row 2: inc, sc 3, inc ( 5 sts )

Row 3: sc across ( 7 sts )

Switch to light brown (Soft Fudge) color . Row 4-14 are worked in light brown.

Row 4: inc, sc 5, inc ( 9 sts  )

Row 5-6: sc across ( 9 sts )

Row 7-11: sc across ( 9 sts )

Row 12: inc, sc 7, inc ( 11 sts )

Row 13-14: sc across ( 11 sts ) Tie off.

Repeat the rows 1-14 but do not tie off. Switch to dark green color yarn. Row 15-39 are worked in dark green.

Now you will have two pieces that we will join together in next row as in the picture bellow:

In the next row we will join 2 legs of the front body panel .

Row 15: inc, sc 10 across 1st leg piece now continue on 2nd leg piece and make sc 10 across, inc in last st ( 24 )

Row 16-25: sc across ( 24 sts )

Now we will start incorporating colors to make the Christmas tree graph on the dress of Ruby. The stitches from row 26-38 will be indicated with the letter of the color instead of the sc abbreviation. You can find the colors in color legend.

Row 26-27: 10GR , 4BR, 10DGR  ( 24 )

Row 28: decGR, 2GR , 16GG, 2GR, decGR ( 22 sts )

Row 29: 4GR, 14GG, 4GR ( 22 sts )

Row 30: 5GR, 12GG, 5GR  ( 22 sts )

Row 31: decGR, 4GR, 10GG, 4GR, decGR ( 20 sts )

Row 32: 6GR, 8GG, 6GR ( 20 sts )

Row 33: decGR, 2GR, 12GG, 2GR, decGR ( 18 )

Row 34:  4GR, 10GG, 4GR ( 18 sts )

Row 35: decGR, 3GR, 8GG, 3GR, decGR ( 16 sts )

Row 36: 5GR, 6GG, 5GR ( 16 sts )

Row 37: decGR, 4GR, 4GG, 4GR, decGR ( 14 )

Row 38: decGR, 4GR, 2GG, 4GR, decGR ( 12 sts )

Continue with dark green color in next row.

Row 39: inc, sc 10, inc ( 12 sts )

Switch to light brown (soft fudge) color yarn. Rows 40-61 are worked in brown/cappuccino color yarn.

Now we will start the head..

Row 40: Ch 3, sc 2 along rem chs , sc 14 along prev row ( 16 sts )

Row 41: Ch 3, inc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in rem 1 ch, sc 15 along prev row, inc in last st ( 20 sts )

Row 42: inc, sc 18 , inc ( 22 sts )

Row 43: inc, sc 20, inc ( 24 sts )

Row 44-54: sc across ( 24 sts )

Row 55:  dec, sc 20,  dec ( 22 sts )

Row 56: sc across ( 22 sts )

Row 57: 2 dec, sc 14,  2 dec ( 18 sts )

Row 58: dec, sc 14, dec ( 16 sts )

Row 59: sc across ( 16 sts )

Row 60: dec, sc 12, dec ( 14 sts )

Row 61: sc across ( 14 sts )

Row 62: 2 dec, sc 6, 2 dec ( 10 sts )

Hands : ( make 4 pieces )

Start with light brown ( Soft Fudge) color yarn.

Row 1: Ch 4, sc 3 ( 3 sts )

Row 2: inc, sc 1, inc ( 5 sts )

Row 3-5: sc across ( 5 sts )

Switch to dark green color yarn.

Row 6-14: sc across ( 5 sts )

Tie off.

Muzzle :

Rd 1: Start with magic ring and make 6 sc into it. ( 6 sts )

Rd 2: make 2 sc in each st around ( 12 sts )

Rd 3: ( sc 1, inc ) rep 6 times ( 18 sts )

Rd 4 : ( sc 2, inc ) rep 6 times ( 24 sts )

Rd 5 : ( sc 3, inc ) rep 6 times ( 30 sts )

Rd 6 : sc across ( 30 sts )

Ears ( 4 pieces ): Make the ears with cappuccino color yarn .

Row 1: Ch 4, sc 3 ( 3 sts )

Row 2: inc, sc 1, inc ( 5 sts )

Row 3: inc, sc 3, inc ( 7 sts )

Row 4-7: sc across ( 7sts )

Row 8: dec, sc 3, dec ( 5 sts )

Row 9: sc across ( 5 sts )

Row 10: dec sc 1, dec ( 3 sts )

Row 11: sc across ( 3 sts )

Row 12: dec, sc1 ( 2 sts )

Row 13: dec  ( 1 st ) . End.

Antlers ( 4 pieces ) : Make with light brown

Row 1: Ch 4, sc 3 ( 3 sts )

Row 2-8: sc across ( 3 sts )

Row 9: ch 5, sc 4 along rem chs, sc 3 along prev row ( 7 sts )

Row 10: sc across ( 7 sts )

Row 11: Cut yarn .Insert the hook in 1st of row 10 and pull a loop, make 1 sc in same st, sc I next 2 sts

Row 12-14: sc across ( 3 sts )

When you join antlers be sure that you are joining the right side facing you. The antlers must be pointing different side . One must point right and one left side. It means you should turn the pieces when you join them.

White piece around eyes :

I used felt piece – just take a medium size ring or coin and make a circle onto white felt piece. Cut it make a little hole in the felt circle where you will put the eyes.

You can make crochet version too :

Start with magic ring and make 12 dc into it . do not pull the ring . First insert the safety eye and then pull to tied it around th eye and then join with in 1st st. I suggest you to use thicker yarn like sport weight or fingering for that piece so when you put the safety eye you will be sure that it won’t come out.

Insert the eyes in the 52nd  row leave 6sts space between eyes.

Final touches – Decorating Ruby’s dress.

Using tapestry needle and small amount of different color yarns make the cable of the Christmas light with black string. Then make vertical small lines in different color for the bulb of lights. I made mine with 3 vertical lines. Using yellow string make the star at the top of Christmas tree.

Assembling pieces together. It doesn’t matter where you will start assembling for .

It will be easier if you attach the small parts on the body and face first then join the 2 body panel together.

  1. First assembly hand pieces together 2 by 2. 2 pieces for each hand. Join the with sc st.
  2. Insert the eyes in the 52nd row leave 6sts space between eyes.
  3. Sew the muzzle in the middle bellow eyes.
  4. Using tapestry needle make the white lines that separates the coat from bottom. Use the basic tapestry chain stitch.
  5. Sew the hands to the back panel.
  6. Sew the ears and antlers to head of back body panel .

Joining all the pieces :

When you join two body panels make sure that the right side of front panel is facing you while you are crocheting with single crochet stitch around .

As you crochet along the outside, you will need to switch colours where appropriate. When switching colours, insert your hook into the last stitch of Colour A. Pull up a loop in Colour A. Then yarn over in Colour B to complete the stitch. Continue with Colour B until you need to switch again.

Stuff  doll as you crochet join along.

Don’t forget to check the patterns for Rudolph the reindeer, Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus. Just click to the pictures below.

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