Santa Christmas cups- free crochet pattern

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Hi, Nj here! The newest post on the blog is this cute set of crochet Christmas cups. You can use them as a decoration around the house or just put some sweet treats and gift them to family, friends, or maybe co-workers.

crochet christmas cups-free pattern

For a couple of years, my sister and I have participated in a group that makes toys and sells them. The profit goes to sick children that need immediate surgery. Last year, I made some Easter cups which were fun to design. The cups are easy and quick to make and you can make a bunch of them for a craft fair or for school. I even made a couple for my mom’s kindergarten class and the kids were ecstatic!

Last year around Christmas I thought why not make some Christmas cups as well? And that is how I come up with 4 different Christmas cups. I didn’t have time to write the instructions and recorded a video tutorial only. But after so many requests for written instruction here we are 🙂

I hope you will enjoy them, I even added 2 new characters. And can you guess them? One of them is the Grinch, this year is totally about him. If you haven’t seen the Christmas gnomes check them out, it is a super quick and fun project!

Crochet christmas cups

The Christmas cups are easy to make and you can also use them as a mini basket to put some small stuff inside. My daughter uses them for her hair ties and hairpins. Each Christmas cup has its own post :

  1. Crochet Reindeer Christmas cup
  2. Crochet snowman cup
  3. Crochet the Grinch cup
  4. Crochet penguin cup
  5. Crochet Gingerbread cookie cup
  6. Crochet Santa Claus cups

Don’t have time to make this pattern right now?

1. Purchase add-free/printable PDF on Etsy or Ravelry. 
2. Pin it on your Pinterest boards for later.
3. Scroll down to see the free crochet pattern below.

Crochet santa claus mini basket

A few notes before we start:

The crochet Christmas cups are made in two different ways. Originally I made them using the waistcoat stitch, but then I know that some of you will find it hard to work with that stitch. Therefore, I tried it with simple single crochet and the final result was the same. So feel free to use whichever way you find more suitable for you! Keep in mind that it looks a bit better with waistcoat stitch.

And as I said I have a full video tutorial with all the tips for the baskets, you can check it out if you have any difficulty throughout the pattern.

The pattern:


  • worsted weight yarn/aran weight yarn
  • crochet hook size – 6mm/ J- hook size
  • safety eyes – 12mm(not necessary)- you can always crochet them


SC- single crochet

**- repeat the stitches in ** indicated times

FO- fasten off

MR- magic ring


Loop stitch– we will make the beard with it.- Wrap the yarn from front to back over the index finger of your yarn hand. the length of the loops depends on how loose or tight you wrap the yarn in this step. insert your hook in the next stitch, grab the strand of yarn from behind your index finger, and draw the yarn through the stitch. The yarn on your finger becomes the loop. With the yarn still on your index finger, yarn over the hook and draw the yarn through the 2 loops on your hook.

crochet loop stitch
how to crochet a loop sticth- photo tutorial

Reverse single crochet/ crab stitches– insert the hook, from front to back, in the next stitch to the right. Be sure to have the right side of your work facing you. Yarn over and draw the yarn through the stitch (this step is similar to how you work regular single crochet but backward), yarn over and draw the yarn through the 2 loops on your hook.

Pattern notes:

  • The cups are worked in joined rounds, not in continuous rounds.
  • The yarn is held double, but if you use thicker yarn as bulky/chunky you can crochet it one-stranded.
  • You can use waistcoat stitch or regular single crochet, but if you make them with single crochet you will need to skip 2 rounds. I will include them in the instructions. The waistcoat stitch is shorter and which makes the cups shorter and we need more rounds to make them the right size.
  • Weave your ends in as you crochet along it will be easier than when you finish.
  • To form the face we will need to work with two colors in rounds 14-16, you need to carry on the yarn. Check the video tutorial if you have trouble with it.

Crochet Santa Claus Christmas cup pattern

-start with red color

Rnd 1: Startt with a MR, and make SC into the ring, SS to join (6)

Rnd 2: CH 1, 2 SC in each around, SS to join (12)

Rnd 3: CH 1, *SC in first, 2 SC in next* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join (18)

Rnd 4: CH 1, *SC in first 2, 2 SC in next* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join (24)

Rnd 5: CH 1, *SC in first 3, 2 SC in next* rep from * to * 5 more times, SS to join (30)

The next round is worked in the Back loop only

Rnd 6: CH 1, SC in each stitch around, SS to join (30)

Rnd 7-8: CH 1, SC in each stitch around, SS to join (30) If you are working with regular single crochet skip round 8.

-switch to black color

Rnd 9: CH 1, SC in each stitch around, SS to join (30)

-switch to red color

Rnd 10-13: CH 1, SC in each stitch around, SS to join (30) If you are working with regular single crochet skip round 13.

-switch to white

Rnd 14: CH 1, SC in next 10, drop white yarn and attach beige, SC in next 6, drop beige and continue with white, SC in next 14, SS to join (30)

Rnd 15-16: CH 1, SC in next 9, drop white color, continue with beige, SC in next 8, drop beige color and continue with white, SC in next 13, SS to join (30)

Fasten off the beige color and continue with white

Rnd 17: CH 1, SC in each stitch around, SS to join (30)

The last round is the edging. i used reversed single crochet known as crab stitch also.

Rnd 18: CH 1, * reverse single crochet, CH 1, skip 1 stitch* repeat around, SS to join.


-with beige color

Start with a MR, and make 6 SC into the ring, SS to join. FO.

The Beard:

For the beard, I used a loop stitch.

Make a foundation chain of 10 and work a loop stitch across. See the Special stitch section above.

How to attach the parts:

Sew the nose in the middle on the beige part of round 14. Then sew the beard under the nose. Insert the eyes in round 15 above the nose.

As I said for those of you who have any troubles in some part of the pattern you can check out the video tutorial. In the tutorial, you will also see how to make the invisible join for the waistcoat stitch.

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Crochet Christmas pattern- free

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