How to become advanced in c2c Crochet Basic Techniques even if you are absolute begginer

How to become advanced in c2c Crochet Basic Techniques even if you are absolute begginer

Corner to corner ( c2c ) – ABC blanket tutorial .

Basic essential to c2c crochet technique.

Corner to Corner crochet technique was a technique that I wanted to try since I saw Sarah’s from Repeat crafter me beautiful lamb c2c blanket . She has really amazing designs with c2c technique.

There are several blankets that are stunning and you should definitely check them out :

  1. Christmas blanket of Sarah from Repeat crafter me
  2. Christmas blanket of Jess from Make & Do Crew
  3. Solar system c2c blanket of Bethany from Whistle and Ivy
  4. Zodiacs c2c blanket of Chi Wei from One dog woof. 


When I saw these blankets I thought that it would be nice if I can make a blanket that has its own theme and ta da dah I designed my ABC- fruits and vegetables blanket. I chose the ABC theme as I have a 5-years-old daughter which is going to be pre-school next year. This blanket can make learning the alphabet funnier. I must admit that while making that blanket I have learned so much new information and new kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Here in Bulgaria, Europe we don’t have all the fruits as people in USA , Australia and other countries. I learned names of different fruits that I know but never needed to use while speaking English – such as quince, fig , dewberry . While searching and choosing the fruits and vegetables which I will use in the blanket I found and learned new kinds of them. I haven’t heart for dragon fruit, jack fruit, ugly fruit.

I used most common known fruits and vegetables that are known in almost everywhere around the globe such as – tomatoes, grape, lemon, carrot and etc. That’s why I will post 2 graphs for some of the letters so you will be able to choose which to use.

Let’s begin.

HOW TO INCREASE AND DECREASE IN C2C TECHNIQUE – The basic of c2c crochet technique

In c2c crochet technique we always start with increasing the rows till the desired length and then start to decrease. As I made my blanket design using 28 squares each for the 26 letters from the English alphabet and 2 blank made with solid color. We will increase till the 18 row and then we will start to decrease. If you wish to make a different shape such as rectangle using that technique you will have to increase by 1 side and decrease from the other side . I don’t have a rectangle design yet but you can check  Make & Do Crew “ Nordic super scarf “ here – .

C2c technique is very simple and when you learn how to make the fisrt 2 rows you will know how to make your own c2c blanket or pillow cover or whatever you wish.

In c2c we work in diagonal rows . In each row we will have different number of blocks that are the same as your row count. For example in 1 row we have  1 block, in 2 row we have 2 blocks, in 3 row we have 3 blocks.

Row 1:

  1. Start with slip knot and ch 6 .
  2. Make 1 dc in 4th ch from hook.
  3. Make dc in next 2 sts. Turn .

We have the first block made.

Continue to row 2 .

  1. Ch 6,
  2. Turn, 1 dc in 4th ch from hook
  3. 1dc in next 2 sts

This is 1st block of row 2.

  1. Insert the hook in the space between the tch and dc and join with
  2. Ch3, 1dc in 4th ch from hook , 1dc in next 2 sts.

Row 3 and beyond :

Repeat  steps 4- 8 .

Start with ch 6, turn, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in next 2 sts, in tch , * ch 3, 3 dc in tch , in tch * rep 2 times- as you see in row 3 we have 3 blocks.When you work using c2c technique we increase till we reach the tallest side of our graph. In my ABC blanket squares we will increase till row 18 .


When you make your last increase row. You should start decreasing

–  to decrease we will turn our work and

  1. make in each of 3 sts of the block that we just have made in the prev rd.
  2. st in tch
  3. Ch 3
  4. Dc 3 in tch, in next tch to join , continue as usual with, ch3, dc 3 . 

How to read the graphics and how to change colors you can find here.


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