Tiny shamrock applique- free crochet pattern

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St Patrick’s day is around the corner and with the release of our crochet St Patrick’s day leprechaun gnomes we couldn’t miss crocheting a shamrock, right?

Below you will find the instructions on how to crochet a shamrock pattern which you can use as an applique on your favorite hat, as an embellishment for a gift card, or make a bunting for the holidays.

free crochet shmarock pattern

The size of these cute crochet shamrocks is perfect for a pin to wear for St Paddy’s day or as a just good luck charm.

As we said, we used these tiny crochet shamrock patterns in our crochet St Patrick’s day gnomes.

Crochet leprechaun gnome pattern

Check them here- 1. Crochet St Patrick’s day boy gnome/ 2. Crochet St Patrick’s day she-gnome.

Free Crochet Shamrock Pattern Details:

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Crochet applique


  • worsted weight yarn in green color

  • 4mm crochet hook/ US hook size G

  • tapestry needle

Finished size: 4cm/ 1.5 inches

How to crochet a shamrock pattern:

Start with a MR, *CH 3, 3 DC, CH 3, SS into the ring* rep from to 2 more times (3 petals in total), close the ring

crochet applique

Now that we have made the petals it is time to crochet the stable of the shamrock.

CH 6, SS in 2nd from your hook, SS in each remaining CH.

After you make your last crochet slip stitch, insert your hook in the center of the shamrock and make a slip stitch. Make sure that your yarn is at the back of your work while you are making the slip stitch.

Take the yarn from your hook and pull the yarn. It will be on your front side. Take your hook and insert it from back to front in the center loop of your shamrock and pull it to the back. FO. Weave your ends in.

Crochet shamrock garland

You can use this crochet shamrock pattern and turn it into a garland. Furthermore, here are a few tips for you.

  • First, use a thicker yarn or just use a worsted-weight yarn in a double strand to make the shamrock applique bigger and more sturdy.

  • Second, respectively, use a bigger hook if you use thicker-weight yarn.

  • Third, use a long piece of yarn or you can create your own rope by making a crochet chain.

  • And lastly, there are a few options on how to attach the crochet shamrocks to your chain. The first one is to stitch them with a needle and the second method is to just insert the chain/rope around the stitches of your petals.

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