Twisted Crochet headband or ear warmer free pattern + video tutorial

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Crochet headbands or ear warmers are trendy accessories you must definitely keep in your wardrobe. Undoubtedly, in the last few years, twisted headbands have been popular items to crochet and wear.

They are easy and quick projects everyone loves. Additionally, you can make them in an hour or so and they are perfect as a last-minute gift or for a craft show.

I will show you how to crochet a cute two-colored, knitted look headband in today’s post.

Free crochet headband pattern with a twist

Sometimes after a big project, we need small and quick items that are less time-consuming to finish – this is the time to give a shot at crocheting some headbands.

Because I had had those moments a few times before, I created a few new crochet headband designs.

The most popular is “the Alpine” crochet headband or the knit-look crochet headband. Easy, quick, and fun to make beginner patterns!

But be aware they can be quite addicting, though!

Twisted crochet headband two colorwork

Don’t have time to crochet ear warmer now?

1. Purchase an add-free/printable PDF on Ravelry.
2. Pin it on your Pinterest boards for later.
3. Scroll down to see the free crochet pattern below.

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Free crochet headband pattern

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Crochet headband pattern details:

What yarn should I use?

Initially, when I designed this free crochet headband pattern, I used a worsted weight merino yarn, but it was too slippery and the headband fell from my head even with a slow movement. This can be a problem and you must consider it when choosing your yarn.

You don’t want to lose your headband while walking around, right?

After trying a few other options with bulky weight yarn and DK weight, the best yarn to work this headband is acrylic or acrylic/wool mixed yarn.

The yarn I am using for the headband is a worsted-weight yarn. I used Bernat premium yarn by Yarnspirations, one of my favorite ones. I like the stitch definition and the softness of it.

But you can use whatever yarn you have in your stash. Remember that you need to adjust the pattern to your yarn and hook.

Although working with a bulky yarn is easier,, the stitch is more textured than usual. As a result, we suggest you stick to the worsted-weight yarn.

Free crochet headband pattern. Knit looking headband.

How wide should a crochet headband be?

It depends on your taste.

For example, when I want to use the headband with my hair down, I prefer a narrower headband; therefore, I would make it narrow.

If I use the headband with a ponytail or a messy bun I prefer a wider crochet headband.

The headband crochet pattern:

A few notes:

The pattern is written in US crochet terms.

The headband is crocheted, going back and forth in rows.

In the end, we will have a rectangular piece to join and create the headband twist.

The pattern is a multiple of 1 and it is the same for each size. The key point here is the number of your foundation chain.

Find all the sizes and the number of your foundation chain in the crochet headband/ ear warmer chart below.

You can make the headband in one color or two colors. Although it is better when crocheted in two colors or maybe with a variegated yarn.

If you make the crochet ear warmer/ headband in two colors, it is better two choose two contrasting colors. For example, black and white.

Working in the back bump of your stitches can be a bit tricky, we suggest you practice the stitch in a small swatch for better results.


worsted weight yarn in two colors- I am using blue and off-white colors ( 60- 70 gr in total )

crochet hook size 5mm/ US crochet hook size H

tapestry needle

measuring tape

Special crochet stitch

The pattern is crocheted using a single crochet stitch, but we will work it differently.

Instead of working in the regular V- of the stitch, we will work in the 3rd front loop of the stitch.

Where to find the third front loop?

When you crochet a single crochet, you will see a V on top, which is the stitch’s front and back loop. You will see your stitch’s back bump/loop when you turn it a bit. But as we work in rows, the back bump will be on the front side of your work. And then, we will consider it as the 3rd front loop of the stitch. See the pictures below. The needle indicates your 3rd front loop and the first st.

crochet single crochet in a row
how to crochet single crochet in back bump

The free crochet headband pattern:

Gauge : 4 stitches x 4 rows

The pattern itself:

The written pattern is for Large Adult size – 22 inches

Your starting color will be the color that will pop up on the wrong side, and color B will pop up on the right side of your work.

-start with color A, which will be your starting and ending colors.

Start with a foundation chain of 89.

Switch to the next color in every row.

Row 1: SC in 2nd from your hook, SC in each across, CH 1, turn (88)

Row 2-13: SC in 3rd front loop across, CH 1, turn (88) FO.

Weave yarn tail ends in.

How to make the twist of the crochet headband?

We have a rectangular piece- let’s say the short sides are A and B. Both sides have corners. Fold the side from the corners. Insert Side A into side B. Take your tapestry needle and sew both sides together. Make sure that the needle goes through all four layers.

Before sewing the headband to form the twist, choose the side you like most and lay your piece wrong side facing you. Because I want my white color side to pop up, the wrong side for me is the blue color side. See pictures below

 headband with a twist
how to make a twisted ear warmer
how to crochet a twisted earwarmer
how to make a twist for crochet ear warmer

Size chart for the ear warmer/ headband crochet patterns

In the chart below, you will find the measurements for the head circumference of each size and the number of the foundation chain you should start with.

When we make a twisted headband or ear warmer you need to know that the twist will take at least 1 inch of your length. Therefore, we added 1 inch for each headband size, so the sizes below are the final size. You don’t need to add extra inches to them.

0-3 month12-1349-53
3-6 month13-1553-61
6-12 month15-1661-65
1-3 years15-1761-69
4-12 years17-1869-73
teen/small adult18.5-2075-81
medium adult20-2181-85
large adult21-2285-89

Video tutorial- How to make a free crochet headband pattern

For those who prefer video tutorial over the written pattern, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We have a full video tutorial for you!

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