DIY Christmas baubles ornament-free pattern

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This year I discovered the joy of making my own DIY Christmas baubles ornament! In this post, I will show you how to crochet a flower Bauble ornament for your Christmas tree. Also, you will learn how to turn your coasters into baubles and create your unique Christmas decorations!

Scroll down for the free pattern, and information on yarn and stitches or buy the ad-free, printable PDF pattern here!

Christmas bauble ornament

This pattern is part of our Christmas Advent Calendar! Throughout December we are sharing one new pattern each day till Christmas!

Till now we have released 8 different Christmas patterns that are easy and fast to make! From crochet stockings for beginners to no sew amigurumis.

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Festive and Fun: Unique DIY Christmas Baubles Ornament for Every Theme

Christmas bauble ornaments can be more than just decor. They can be a way to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your tree. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our newest DIY crochet bauble pattern!

With this highly customizable pattern, you can make your baubles in no time. Moreover, you can use all those tiny balls of leftover yarn from previous projects and create something beautiful that will be cherished for years to come!

How to make a DIY Christmas Baubles Ornament?

On Day 3 and Day 7 of the Advent calendar, we shared with you two different Christmas ornaments that were made from one simple parallelogram (kind of diagonal rectangle).

Today I will teach you how to make a bauble with two crochet circles!

First, we will start with crocheting two flower circles. Afterward, we will join them and turn them into a bauble. In just two simple steps you will have a gorgeous and unique crochet Christmas bauble!

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CRochet DIY Christmas bauble ornaments free pattern

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Crochet DIY Christmas Baubles Ornament- Free Pattern

DIY Christmas baubles ornament

Pattern notes:

The pattern is written in US crochet terms!

In the pattern, I will show you how to crochet the baubles with sport weight yarn. But I will also tell you how to adjust the pattern for any weight and size!

To make the baubles we will crochet two separate circle motifs and later join them into a bauble.

For my Christmas baubles, I used 8 cm styrofoam baubles. You can easily replace them with plastic ones or with old Christmas baubles that you have!

Material needed:

worsted weight yarn or sport weight yarn

crochet hook size 4mm

styrofoam baubles/ plastic baubles/ old plastic baubles- 8cm in size or bigger

tapestry needle and pair of scissors

Christmas bauble ornament

Prefer the PDF version?

Grab the ad-free, printable PDF pattern.

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How to adjust the Christmas bauble pattern to fit any size and any weight of yarn?

Let’s start with the bauble size. If you have a bauble that is 8cm in diameter you will need a crochet circle motif that measures 10cm in diameter.

Usually, when you buy plastic or styrofoam balls the size is written on the package. If it is not you can measure your ball from top center to bottom center!

Therefore if you have a 10cm ball you will need to crochet a larger circle motif or add one or two more rounds worked in a single crochet stitch!

For example, the red and white bauble from the picture is crocheted with worsted weight yarn (I used yarn bee soft and sleek solids) with a 4mm crochet hook. To make the circle fit the bauble I made a decrease in my second round of SC.

In conclusion, after you are done with the coaster and your first round of single crochet place your circle around the ball and measure it. If you see that it is bigger then make a decrease in the second round.

Adjusted second round for worsted weight yarn–>

CH 1, SC in very first stitch, SC in next, dec 1, *SC in next 2, dec 1* rep around, sl st to join. FO.

Crochet Christmas bauble ornament written pattern:

For my baubles, I used the crochet Flower coaster pattern we shared with you yesterday! The base of our bauble is made using the coaster and adding 2 more rounds of single crochet.

The single crochet rounds will turn your coaster into a slightly folded circle! Therefore when you wrap them around your ball they will cover your bauble perfectly!

Click on the button below for the coaster pattern!

crochet flower coaster free pattern

How to join crochet circles into a bauble?

Once you have followed the coaster pattern and crocheted two pieces it is time to turn them into circles.

Throughout the first single crochet round, we will work in the back loop of the stitches. This will help the flower to pop up better!

Starting the first round of single crochet:

Take your flower coaster and contrasting yarn- I used white. In the coaster, you have 12 petals. Each petal has a CH 5 and 3 triple crochets. Insert your hook in any petal’s last chain of the CH5 and pull a loop, then make a single crochet into the same stitch, and make SC into each of the next 3 stitches, continue making SC into the 4 stitches of each petal till the end, join with sl st on top of the first stitch.

how to turn a flower into a circle
how to crochet in back loop only
how to crochet a flower coaster

Starting the second round:

Ch 1, SC into the very first stitch, SC into each stitch around, sl st to join. FO. (48 sts)

Repeat the same steps for the second piece.

DIY Christmas baubles ornament

How to join your Christmas bauble?

Now that we have both of the pieces done it is time to join them. For the join, we will use the sl st joining. You can also sew both sides with a tapestry needle.

Take both your circles and place them with the wrong side facing each other. The right side must be pointing out!

Insert your hook through the stitches on both sides and make a sl st, keep repeating this till you have joined half of your circles. When you are halfway through insert your ball and continue joining and closing your baubles.

how to join with a slip stitch in crochet
how to join with a slip stitch in crochet
crochet christmas bauble with plastic ball

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